Monday, January 07, 2008

Redshift, Chapter 3

Season 7
Rating: Adult. If you're under eighteen, please go elsewhere now.
Disclaimer: These characters belong to the CW and DC Comics, not to me.
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The sharp edge of Clark's lust has been blunted, even if only momentarily, but inside, he's still seething with a wild storm of emotions. And the strongest emotion inside him right now is fury.

He loves Lex. He needs Lex. He can't live without Lex. And all Lex has to do is accept that, and accept him.

Instead Lex keeps doing this crap to him. Exposing him as a liar and a cheat to Lana. Hurting him with green K. Drugging him with red K. Clark can't ever just let himself relax and enjoy making love to Lex, because he knows that the minute his guard goes down, Lex will attack him.

And that's seriously beginning to piss him off.

He vaguely realizes that a lot of the hot anger flaring inside him is due to the drug in his system. Ordinarily, he'd be much more likely to try to make excuses for Lex's behavior. Ordinarily, he'd try to tell himself that Lex is screwed up, that he had a terrible childhood, that he doesn't know how to have a normal relationship, yadda yadda yadda.

But on red K, Clark doesn't care much about excuses. All he knows is that Lex keeps turning on him, and that makes something deep inside Clark growl with savage, primitive rage.

He sits up and looks at Lex. Tied against the dark coverlet, Lex looks almost fragile, helpless to defend himself, his legs spread so that all his most vulnerable flesh is exposed. His face is set in cool lines, but there's an uncertain, almost frightened look in his eyes makes Clark seriously hot.

On some level, Lex is scared of him, and scared of what he might do. And that gives Clark a rush, a feeling of power that's so heady it makes him dizzy.

He's in charge here, and they both know it.

"I can do anything I like to you," Clark says softly, looking the older man over. "Anything at all."

Lex glares at him defiantly. "And yet all you seem to want to do is talk."

Clark gives a sharp bark of laughter, then slides off the bed and heads down the hall to the bathroom. He wets a washcloth with warm water, then comes back and cleans his come off Lex's chest and neck.

His come. All over Lex.

At the thought, a dark, jealous possessiveness rises inside him. Lex belongs to him. Now, and always. Lex may have screwed other guys in the past, and maybe women, too-- but in the future, he won't be screwing anyone but Clark. Clark will rip the arms off anyone who even looks at Lex.

Lex is his.

He heads back to the bathroom, washes out the cloth, and then comes back and begins to wash off the lower regions of Lex's body. He has plans for those regions. Lots and lots of plans.

Lex is still very hard, and his beautiful pink cock quivers under Clark's attentions. Clark scrubs it off, very gently, stroking the cloth over every inch of hard, swollen flesh, until Lex is moaning, his hips jerking in involuntary reaction.

Lex, Clark thinks, is ready to fuck.

And the truth is, so is Clark. His earlier orgasm didn't do much for him. He knows it can feel so much better, that he can come so much longer and harder if he's inside Lex, or Lex is inside him. Coming by himself doesn't satisfy him the way coming with Lex does.

Besides, the red K is still pumping through his veins, filling him with desperate heat, an aching sexual hunger that can't be easily assuaged. He's just as hard as he was before, and he needs sex the way he needs oxygen. He needs it so much he can't live without it.

He remembers Lex squirming beneath him, begging and pleading, straining to lick him, and his cock spasms with hunger.

At the movement, Lex's gaze drops to Clark's hard-on, and his mouth twists sardonically. "Apparently Lana was right about the meteor rocks," he observes coolly.

The name makes Clark's teeth grind together. "Tell me something," he says, struggling to keep his voice even. "Why the hell would you take advice from Lana? She hates you. Right now I think she hates both of us."

"She knows more about you than I do, Clark."

"Yeah," Clark drawls. Just thinking about Lana is enough to make anger ignite inside him. "And if you think she told you about the red rocks just to be nice, think again. She's probably hoping I'll rip you apart. That way you'll be dead and I'll be in prison, and she'll get her revenge."

"I think you give Lana a little too much credit, Clark."

"I don't think you give her enough."

Lex lifts an eyebrow. "Regardless of her intentions in giving me this information, Clark, I thought it would be an interesting experiment to see how the red rock affected you. To see how you responded to it."

The anger roiling inside Clark flares into pure, hot rage. He's tired of Lex using him as his own personal science experiment. Lex has been treating him like a freak since their affair started, watching his reactions, cataloging them, trying to use Clark's responses to figure out all of his secrets. Lex has been using him.

That really pisses him off.

He throws the washcloth aside and leans over Lex, letting Lex see the hot temper flaming in his eyes.

"I'm not a lab rat," he growls. "I'm not one of your goddamn science experiments, Lex. I'm your lover, damn it."

Lex gives his cool, irritating smile.

"Are you quite certain of that, Clark?"

Clark isn't quite certain at all, and the uncertainty mingles with the anger in his chest, creating a volatile mixture of emotions that threatens to blow him apart. He snarls, letting his teeth show.

"You can tell yourself I'm just an experiment all you want," he grits out. "But you want me, Lex. You know you do."

Despite being tied down, Lex somehow manages an indifferent shrug. "I've told you before, you're a pretty boy, Clark. That's really the whole attraction, right there."

The words make rage swell inside Clark. He's admitted to himself that he needs Lex. He loves Lex, and the thought that on Lex's side, their affair is based on nothing more than physical attraction, infuriates him. It makes him want to smash something. It makes him want to hurt Lex. It makes him want to fuck Lex until the other man screams for mercy.

He thinks about it, and decides option number three is definitely the one he wants most.

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epeters said...

Lex can really be a shit sometimes. lol
Looking forward to Chapter 4

Lexangy said...

wow Ellyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!
I can't wait-can't wait-can't wait for moooooreeeeee!!!!
Lex has to admitt himself he loves Clark more than every other thing!!!!!
I die to see that!!
please post soon!!

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Robyn said...

Grrr, Lex really pisses me off sometimes. I seriously hope Clark like... grabs Lex's arm or Lex's, erm, delicate things and produces just enough force and pain to make Lex scared out of his mind.

Come on, Clark, make that meanie pay! heheh

Magali said...

I really hate Lex right now, he's such an idiot, I hope Clark will give him what he deserves! >D hahaha

Anonymous said...


You're killing me here.

rose said...

It makes him want to fuck Lex until the other man screams for mercy.

He thinks about it, and decides option number three is definitely the one he wants most.

har har har

this is so amusing.