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Under Cover, Chapter 6

Season 7
Rating: Adult. If you're under eighteen, please go elsewhere now.
Disclaimer: These characters belong to the CW and DC Comics, not to me.
Note: Written at the request of CircularTime, and along a general plotline she suggested.
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Lex suddenly seemed to lose patience with the game they'd been playing. In a single easy movement, he swept Chloe up in his arms and spun toward the bed.

With any other man, the gesture might have seemed romantic, but in this case, she understood that he was trying to show her that he was the boss. That he was in charge.

As he stalked toward the bed, holding her in his arms, she decided she didn't mind him being in charge all that much.

He dropped her onto the violet coverlet without ceremony and stood looking down at her, his gray eyes drinking in the sight of her. His cool gaze moved over her, all the way from her rumpled blonde hair to her bare toes, and something began to burn deep in his eyes, something that was the furthest thing from cool.

"You're beautiful," he said, his voice hoarse. "You really are."

He'd said that before, but she knew it wasn't true. It was just something guys said when they were trying to get a girl into bed. Lex had slept with some of the world's most beautiful women, supermodels and actresses and debutantes. There was no way he really found her, plain, ordinary Chloe Sullivan, to be beautiful.

Even so, there was an unmistakable spark deep in his eyes, and his swollen erection made it clear that he found her appealing, at least.

As she studied the long, thick shaft of his erection, she became more aware than ever of the desperate ache between her own legs, the moisture on her thighs. She needed sex, very badly. She needed Lex.

"What's the holdup?" She spoke in a challenging voice. "What are you so scared of, Lex?"

He bristled, as she'd known he would, his eyes narrowing with anger, his eyebrows drawing down.

"It's you who should be scared, Ms. Sullivan."

And then he was kneeling on the bed, grasping her thighs, and pushing her legs apart.

She watched, because she couldn't look away. Beneath his pale skin, his muscles rippled with every movement. His big, beautiful erection was only an inch or so away from her body, so close she couldn't stop herself from panting with eagerness. The head of it looked huge-- she knew from experience that it was huge-- and it gleamed with precome. She imagined him sliding into her, slick and hot and hard, and another gush of moisture warmed her thighs.

"Come on, Lex," she whispered. "Don't make me wait any longer."

He reached out and captured both her wrists in his hands, pulling them over her head and pressing them to the mattress. He wasn't brutal about it, but his hands held her wrists in a firm grip, and he had her pinned well enough that she couldn't move. Not that she had any intentions of moving. She recognized that this was just another of his ways of letting her know who was in charge.

And then he thrust into her at last, so hard that she cried out. She couldn't help it. The cry seemed to come from the deepest part of her, some dark, needy place that had never been properly satisfied.

He didn't try to be gentle. He slammed into her, so hard she felt his balls slap against her ass, and then withdrew and did it again, so hard that it should have hurt. But she was so wet that it felt unspeakable, incredibly good.

And then he was moving inside her hard and fast, his hands still holding her arms like unbreakable shackles, so that she was utterly helpless to do anything but let him screw her. His body moved in a savage rhythm that had nothing to do with lovemaking, and everything to do with pure, dark sex. He moved in her like sin, irresistible and shameful and so, so good.

He'd wound her body up so tightly it almost hurt, and a few thrusts were enough to make her unravel. She shuddered with fulfillment as her inner muscles squeezed in long, pleasurable spasms. Her back arched and her toes curled with the intensity of her orgasm, and she heard her voice raised in an animalistic cry she'd never imagined could come out of her mouth.

And then she was collapsing back against the mattress, warmth and contentment making her boneless. She lay inert, panting, and Lex paused, deep inside her.

"That was really good," he said, his voice a low rumble of male satisfaction. "Wasn't it?"

She dragged her eyelids open, even though they felt like they were weighted down with stone, and looked at him.

"It wasn't too awful," she answered.

In fact it had been incredible, the best damn orgasm she'd ever had, but she wasn't about to tell him that. Lex Luthor already had quite enough ego.

At her noncommittal response, anger lit in the glacial depths of his eyes, and he released her arms, reached down, and began stroking her body. Despite the warm satiation that filled her, she couldn't help squirming a little at the touch of his hands on her sweaty skin.

"You really enjoy being touched," he said, very softly. "When was the last time someone touched you like this?"

She narrowed her eyes at him, trying not to purr. "I had a boyfriend pretty recently, Lex."

"The emphasis in that word being on boy. You can't make me believe Jimmy Olsen really knew how to satisfy you, or how to touch you. You obviously need a lot more than you've been getting."

Deep inside, she knew he was right. She'd always suspected that Clark could make her feel a great deal more than Jimmy ever had, but Clark hadn't wanted her. And her feelings for Jimmy had been lukewarm, at best.

His hands continued to stroke over her skin, until she felt burgeoning warmth between her thighs. He wasn't moving at all, but he was embedded inside her, and she was suddenly very aware of the size and heat of him.

He kept touching her, very gently. His hands stroked over her breasts, but they also touched her arms and belly and thighs, and she closed her eyes and let her head drop back, sighing.

"That's it." His voice was filled with masculine satisfaction. "You're going to come again for me, Chloe. You need to come again."

She was slightly embarrassed to realize it was true. Despite her earlier orgasms, she needed this, needed to come with a man driving into her. It was something she'd all too rarely gotten from Jimmy.

Lex began to move inside her again, very slowly, and she moaned. Her hips began to lift automatically, meeting his, and she raised her legs and wrapped them around his waist, letting him sink even deeper.

"Yes." His voice was hoarser than ever. "That's it, Chloe. Give me everything you've got."

She was terribly afraid that she was giving him too much, but she couldn't stop, not now, not with him so far inside her, filling her so completely. She could feel the head of his cock bumping against her womb, and with every thrust her body grew wetter. His hand slipped down between their bodies and began to stroke her clitoris, and she jolted at the intensity of his touch.

"Ohhhhhhh. Yes."

He fucked her for long moments, slowly increasing his pace from leisurely and gentle to rapid and violent. At last he was surging into her, hard and fast, his finger stroking her clit just as fast, and she couldn't stop herself from surrendering to him. She exploded in another climax, her inner muscles rippling wildly, flame rushing through her in hot waves.

"God." He sounded like he had laryngitis. "Oh, God..."

And then he was shaking violently, and she felt the hot gush of his come inside her. She dragged her heavy eyelids open and watched his face distort with unbearable pleasure. His mouth fell open, and she finally had the answer to the question she'd wondered about.

When he came, he yelled. A lot.

At last he pulled out of her and collapsed onto the mattress beside her. She could hear the ragged sound of his breathing, could see sweat gleaming on his skin.

He didn't put an arm around her, or attempt to cuddle, and she was relieved. Because this hadn't been lovemaking. It had just been sex.

Awesome sex. Incredible sex. Earth-shaking sex.

But still, just sex.

Beside her, Lex's breathing slowed and steadied. She turned her head to find him staring at her.

"Now," he said, very softly. "I can walk out of your life tonight. Or, if you want me to stick around so we can do that again, I'm willing if you are. So tell me, Ms. Sullivan. Are you going to go to that party with me tomorrow night, or not?"

She thought about letting herself be put on display as the newest Lex Girl. She envisioned Clark and Lana gaping at her with horrified disapproval. She imagined people pointing, staring, whispering about her behind her back. She thought about the way Lex used people.

If she entered into a relationship of any sort with Lex Luthor, she knew that sooner or later, she'd regret it. Probably sooner.

But she couldn't help remembering the way she'd come with him buried deep inside her, couldn't help remembering the pleasure that was more intense than anything she'd ever known before. It was the kind of pleasure any woman would be willing to sell her soul for.

She sighed, and handed her soul over to the devil.

"Yes, Lex," she said. "I'll come to the party with you."

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chloista4ever said...

that was freaking amazing elly! i lovet it ppms!

Anonymous said...

ok, that was totally wicked!!!! I love this story so much and I can't wait to see how it turns out!!!

Lexangy said...

Just few words, my dear...
You make me want to be Chloe!!!!!!
Normally, I really enjoy just slash fanfic...but with this...I find out again the pleasure of eterosex!!!
I love every portrait of Lex!!
Can't wait for much more!!!!!

Lexangy said...

Sorry, I mean...I love every YOUR portrait of Lex!

froggyjump said...

"He moved in her like sin, irresistible and shameful and so, so good."

That was just delicious.

blackheart_me said...

I just realized something. Chloe calls Lex by his name but everytime she pisses him off he calls her "Miss Sullivan". Is that done purposely? Ahh damn. I think Chloe's going to miss sex with Lex if he makes her feel that good. Though I love that she still answers cynically-but of course ;]. "Yes." His voice was hoarser than ever. "That's it, Chloe. Give me everything you've got." This makes me wonder if this is what he wants. To hold something so great over Chloe, to have her surrender to him completely and then throw it in her face another time? Forgive me but when he asks her to go with him and if she wants him to be in her life I couldn't help but just go "YES!" I know Lex is evil here and yes indeed he does use people and Chloe will probably be looked down upon and be looked badly at, yada yada. But MAN I can't help but cheer on the Chlex here! I'm worried and excited. I squealed when she said yes but the line before that did have me biting my lip. Darn.