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Imprisoned, Chapter 5

Season 7
Rating: Adult. If you're under eighteen, please go elsewhere now.
Disclaimer: These characters belong to the CW and DC Comics, not to me.
Read Chapter 4 here.

Lana apparently grows tired of waiting, because the metal floor delivers another shock to Clark's bare feet. He yelps and levitates again, in a non-superpowered way, jumping straight up in the air. If he had his powers, he thinks grimly, his head would have gone right through the ceiling.

But he doesn't have his powers, which is why it hurts. Damn it.

He lands on the floor again and snarls. Being powerless and naked and trapped sucks. "I hate this, damn it."

"Clark." Lex's voice is surprisingly gentle. "It isn't that bad. Just make love to me."

"I can't--" Clark stammers, trying to explain his feelings. They're surrounded by the cold metal walls of the cell, and in one high corner, a camera hangs, staring at them with a single baleful eye. "You're chained... I mean, it'd be like rape..."

"Don't be ridiculous, Clark. You know I'm willing."

"Yeah," Clark admits. "But she-- she's watching again."

If he had his powers, he could take out that camera with a single burst of heat vision. But he's powerless to stop her from watching them. Lex shrugs.

"We've made love before with her watching."

"Yeah, but I didn't know about it."

"It doesn't matter. She doesn't matter." Lex speaks in calm, reasonable tones. If he's upset with the situation, it doesn't show. "Don't worry about it, Clark. Just go ahead and do it."

Clark blows out his breath in a sigh. He doesn't want to put on a show for Lana, damn it. That isn't what he wants his relationship about Lex to be about-- a peep show for Lana Lang's benefit. He and Lex have finally had something of a breakthrough, and the last thing he wants to do is taint their developing relationship with voyeurism and chains and a slightly deranged audience.

But he recognizes that he doesn't have much choice, unless he wants to his feet to start sizzling.

Sighing again, he does what he has to do. Lex is chained down, spread-eagled. The table is V-shaped, designed to follow the contours of his body, so Clark can move between his thighs. He steps forward, bends, and brushes a kiss over Lex's belly, just below his navel.

Lex's cock almost instantly begins to swell. Considering the situation, Clark can't help but be gratified by his reaction. Lex wants him. No matter what, Lex wants him.

Lex's pale skin looks almost opalescent in the dim light of the cell. He smells clean and soapy, redolent of pine needles, as if someone's bathed him recently. Clark wonders if it was Lana, or one of her "people," and he bristles a little at the idea. Lex is his, and he doesn't care for the thought of other people putting their hands all over him. Particularly not Lana, damn it.

But Lex smells incredible, and Clark's mouth moves on him eagerly despite his possessive anger.

Part of Clark wants to go slow, because taking it slow almost always makes it better in the end, and part of him just wants to get this over with. It's humiliating and embarrassing and just plain wrong, and he doesn't want to get any pleasure out of it at all.

But Lex's skin is satiny beneath his lips, and beneath the pine-scented soap, Clark can smell the faint musky fragrance of his body, of his sex, and despite himself he can feel himself hardening even more.

He moves lower, because he can't help it, and his lips brush over the tip of Lex's erection, and Lex jerks and gives a muffled sound of pleasure. Clark thinks of Lana sitting there in front of a video screen, watching them, recording the whole thing. Maybe even uploading it to the internet, if she really wants to humiliate them. The though of being watched by Lana revolts him. But the thought of being watched by all sorts of strangers on the internet is even worse.

And yet in a way it excites him, and he's not sure why. God knows it would be a disaster for his mother's political career. It would out him to his home town, making him a popular topic for gossip there for the next twenty years. It would out him to the whole world. It would be a horrific invasion of his and Lex's privacy.

And yet he's harder than before, thinking about it. Apparently there's a little streak of exhibitionism somewhere inside him.

Or maybe... maybe he just likes the idea of the whole world knowing that Lex is his.

Beneath his hands and mouth, Lex is helpless. Clark can do anything he likes to him, and that turns him on, too. It shouldn't, but it does. He remembers tying Lex to a bed while under the influence of red K, and heat floods his veins.

He remembers his own words of protest: It'd be like rape. In a way, that's true, because neither he nor Lex has a choice here. And on some level, he's ashamed of how much the sight of Lex in chains turns him on. But he can't deny that it does. His erection is like steel now, so hot and hard that it hurts.

His lips are moving on Lex a little more firmly now, and his guilt and shame fade away as he begins to lose himself in his exploration of Lex's body. He wraps his hand around Lex's swollen cock, pulls it toward him, and opens his lips.

And then Lex is sliding into his mouth. He uttering a strangled cry, as if he's trying his utmost to hold back the sound, but failing.

Clark's own groan is muffled as Lex slips into his mouth. Remembering everything he's learned, Clark relaxes his throat, and Lex slides into him deeply.

This time Lex doesn't even try to suppress his reaction. He drops his head back and gives a long, pulsing wail.

God, Lex tastes good. Clark thinks he could do this all day. Whether he's being watched or not, whether they're being forced or not. He loves this, on a deep sensual level, loves the taste, the way Lex smells, the sounds he makes. Clark loves everything about it.

Before he got involved with Lex, he'd never thought about doing this to a guy, except in his very darkest and most suppressed fantasies. He never could have imagined he'd love going down on a guy this much.

But his relationship with Lex has changed a lot of things in his life. It's changed him.

Or maybe it hasn't changed him at all, not really. After all, this is who he always was, deep down. Loving Lex has just forced him to come to grips with it.

He moves his mouth faster, letting his lips slide up and down the thick shaft of Lex's cock, bringing him closer and closer to climax. He can taste the sweet salt of Lex's precome, and he wants more, wants everything Lex has to give.

Lex's back arches, and he drives into Clark's mouth harder than ever, and gives a long, frantic cry.

Clark pulls away just before Lex comes. He's shocked by how turned on he himself is. His legs are trembling beneath him, his cock is aching with the need for release, and he's covered in sweat.

Part of his reaction, he realizes, is due to the blue K that's been inserted under his skin. When his invulnerability is stripped from him, he sweats just as much as the next guy.

But part of it is Lex. Lex can always make him sweat, even when he's got all his powers. Lex turns him on more than anyone ever has.

He needs release almost as badly as Lex does. His cock is swollen, the ivory shaft traced with blue veins, the head flushed a deep, dark pink, throbbing with every heartbeat. In the dim overhead lights, he can see it glistening with precome, and he wonders if it's enough to lubricate Lex. He doesn't want to hurt Lex, but he doesn't have any lube.

"Look in the table drawer," a disembodied voice says.

He shudders at the sound of Lana's voice, echoing through the cell. It's a reminder that it's not just the two of them, that in a creepy and horrible way, Lana is involved in this.

He opens the drawer and finds the lube, wondering what Lana is really after. There is no possible way he believes she really just wants to use them as her own private sex show. Sure, he understands she wants to humiliate the two of them, to punish them both for their transgressions. But there has to be more to it than that.

He's grimly certain there's something else going on here.

Whatever it is, he figures she'll make it known, sooner or later. In the meantime... he squirts lube onto his right hand and slicks it all over his cock, till he's gleaming with it. Lex watches, his eyes half-closed. He looks sensual and languid and ready to be fucked.

Clark is so turned on he wants to keep stroking himself till he comes... but no. Coming all over Lex's stomach isn't nearly as good as coming inside him. He squirts more of the thick fluid onto his hand, and begins to stroke Lex. Lex opens for him easily, moaning as Clark's finger slides inside him.

Clark has a pretty good idea where to touch Lex now, how to touch him, and as he finds the sensitive spot deep inside him, Lex jerks and cries out sharply. Clark strokes him there, very slowly, watching as Lex's cock quivers eagerly against his belly. In a moment, he adds another finger, feeling Lex stretch around him. He thinks how tight Lex is going to feel, how hot he'll be, and it makes his cock quiver, too.

"God..." Lex is gasping out disjointed words. "Clark... please... please... yes..."

Clark wouldn't mind watching Lex come again, wouldn't mind seeing his cock spurt pearlescent strands come all over his chest and abs, but he wants to come inside Lex even more. He withdraws his fingers, ignoring Lex's little whimper of protest, and leans over him again.

He takes his own cock in his hand, and very slowly begins to rub it against the opening to Lex's body.

Lex makes a little ahhhhh sound. His legs are chained, but his body arches in clear surrender. He's all Clark's. Clark can do anything he wants to him, can fuck him anyway he wants. He wants to start getting their relationship on a more even footing, but he can't deny that the situation appeals to the alpha male in him. He loves dominating Lex.

Even so, he can't quite bring himself to thrust inside. He hesitates there for a moment, wanting Lex so badly, but unable to get past the fact that he's being watched.

Lex's words echo in his mind: It doesn't matter. She doesn't matter.

And Lex, he realizes, is right.

He pushes slowly into Lex, and a sigh of pure pleasure escapes him. In this moment, as Clark finally slides into the body of the man he loves, everything else falls away-- his little traces of exhibitionism and dominance, his concerns about being watched, his powerlessness, his anger and guilt. None of it is important, not when he weighs it against the power of this moment.

All that matters right now is Lex.

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