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Imprisoned, Chapter 6

Season 7
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Clark is inside Lex, and it's just as good as it always is. He gives a long sigh as he slowly glides into Lex's body. It's hot and smooth, like heated satin, and Lex somehow opens for him and squeezes him in welcome at the same time.

Despite the camera in the corner, despite his knowledge that Lana is watching, he's groaning as he sinks all the way in. His balls slap gently against Lex's ass, and he shivers all over.

Lex is all his.

And he's all Lex's.

"Unnnhhh." Lex squirms under him, as well as a man can squirm when chained tightly to a table. "Clark. What are you waiting for?"

He's not waiting for anything. He's just trying to make this moment last forever. Every time his body is joined with Lex, he wishes the first thrust could last an eternity, because it's so fucking perfect to be inside him this way. There's a tension in the moment, an anticipation, that makes his chest tight.

But as much as he'd like to hold onto this instant forever, he knows he can't. He withdraws, then thrusts, gently but firmly.

Lex feels good, so goddamn good. Making love to him is like drugs, a perfect ecstasy that sends Clark to impossible heights. And when he's not with Lex, he craves him constantly, a junkie in desperate need of a hit.

He does it again. Somewhere in the back of his mind, he wonders if Lana will be judging him on his performance, if he'll get a shock if he takes too long, or if it's over too soon. But he doesn't want to think about that right now. He can't think about it. All he can think about is Lex, hot and sexual and raw beneath him, his body open and vulnerable and all Clark's.

Clark lowers his head, brushing kisses over Lex's shoulder, his chest. Lex's hairless skin is smooth beneath his lips. The satiny texture and the faint fragrance of pine needles inflame Clark more than before. He drops his hands to either side of Lex, clutching the table, and thrusts harder.

Beneath him, Lex sobs and gasps for breath. "Yes... Clark... yes..."

Clark imagines Lex's cock jerking, the warm earthy fragrance as come spurts all over his chest and abdomen, and he can barely hold himself back. He grinds his teeth together, and a feral growl escapes him.

He moves harder, faster, and suddenly he doesn't have to imagine it any more. Lex cries out, and Clark drags open his heavy eyelids to see the long, pink cock twitching wildly against Lex's abdomen, and then pulsing as come explodes from him in long gushes.

Oh, God, yes. He's made Lex come, Lex wants him, Lex doesn't want anyone but him, and he's never going to let anyone else have Lex ever, ever again, Lex is his all his all his...

His own head drops back, and a low sound grinds its way out of his chest, rising in pitch and volume until it's almost a scream. Pleasure washes over him, a long, intense tide of sensation, filling his every pore, heating his every nerve. He's coming inside Lex, giving Lex everything he has, everything he is, and the ecstasy is unbearable. He shudders and twists against it, struggling to stay conscious.

And when it's over, he slumps forward, his face against Lex's shoulder, and gives in to the darkness.


He awakens back in his cell. Well, he assumes it's the same cell he started in, but he can't be certain. One iron-barred cinderblock cell looks much like another. He stirs, and then forces himself to sit up.

Great, he thinks. Just great. This time they didn't even have to give him a sedative. Making love to Lex just tends to make him fade out. But this is one time he wishes lovemaking with Lex wasn't quite so intense, because he would have preferred to stay awake afterward. The last thing he wants to do while dealing with Lana is to lower his defenses.

He's alone. Lex isn't here. He listens and hears nothing but the faint hum of fluorescent lighting.

"Hey!" he yells. "Let us out of here!"

A door clangs, and he gets to his feet and stalks toward the iron bars. This time he isn't surprised when Lana appears.

"Hello, Clark," she says again.

"Lana." The word sounds surprisingly like a curse word. There was a time when he spoke her name with a prayerful reverence, but that time is long gone now. "Where is Lex?"

"He's fine," she says, smiling gently. "Just in the lab, being worked on."

Cold fear grips him by the chest. "Worked on?" He reaches out and grabs the iron bars, wishing they were her throat, and angry, defensive words spill out. "What are you doing to Lex?"

She chuckles softly. "Don't worry, Clark. We're not hurting him. We're just taking something from him that we need."

He imagines them doing all sorts of horrible things to Lex-- dismembering him, torturing him, bleeding him dry-- and his lip curls up unconsciously, exposing his teeth in a snarl.

"Don't talk in riddles," he snaps. "Tell me what you're doing to him."

"We're taking what you gave him," she says.

He thinks about that, and the obvious truth hits him like a two by four. "You mean..."

"Yes." She smiles. "Your... genetic material, if you want to be delicate about it."

He glares at her. "And what are you doing to do with it?"

"What do you think?" Her smile is absolutely angelic, and it freezes his blood. She's totally unhinged, not the woman he thought she was at all. He can't imagine how he ever thought he loved her. Her smile repulses him.

But as repulsed as he is, her next words make him loathe her even more.

"I'm going to have your baby," she tells him.

More to come...


jlvsclrk said...

Thank you for returning to this story - it was (and is) a favorite of mine. I guess I like unhinged Lana.

What a fabulous update! The Clexy sex was beautiful, and Lana's statement at the end was loopily chilling. Can't wait for more!

Tracey L said...

WOAAHH Lana has officially done a swan dive off the deep end. And I love it. Clex, as I know I've mentioned, is probably my favorite pairing right along with Chlark, and this story has gone through so many twists in turns in their relationship. Now, when they're finally reaching some sort of equilibrium, Lana throws a big-ass wrench into it all. Great update!

DeeDee said...

Egads. Lana is completely off her trolley. Batsh*t crazycakes!

Awesome chapter, evol cliffhanger. Thanks for updating this one!

orchidluv said...

Yeah! This is a favorite and I hoped you'd finish it. Lana always annoyed me because of how vicious she became whenever she and Clark were on the outs, so I totally believe evil-Lana.

Hot sex, and nice twist at the end. Here's hopin for more when you can.

sexyclex said...

I couldn't believe my eyes when I read you had updated this story Elly!!! thanks so much!, it's one of my faves of all time too, it was a great update!!!

I can't wait to see what happens next and how Clark will stop Lana. The clexy sex was so hot and sexy, i love how intense those two guys are when they're together.

allie said...

I missed the beginning..can you link me to the earlier parts? This rocks!

Elly said...

Of course, Allie. This particular story begins here:

The entire series is "Good Sex, Bad Lex" and it has its own section in the sidebar. You can find it here:

The stories are listed in order.

Thank you for your kind words and your interest!

ender said...

ohhh, how I love it, how evil lana is in this :D

twilighthdfan said...

Yay! for the update. Sorry, that I've never commented on this story before (it was actually the first Clex I read and just made me fall in love with them).

Loved this chapter. The Clex sex was hot as always. And loved the way Clark was all possessive.

Lana is crazy. She just better hope that she can disappear before Lex gets out of the lab. I hope that her plans don't succeed. I'm hoping Chloe will somehow break the boys out before anything else happens (or Ollie and his team - they do it to Lex all the time, why not Lana?).

Can't wait for more!

Anonymous said...

Yay! Thanks for updating. I just found this and every time I was sad the story was ending you came up with more. Please finish, pleeeease?

Erin said...

Thank you for updating the story. It's ironic but a few years ago on my birthday you had updated this story. Now you update it again and my birthday is a week or so away.

diane said...

Holy cows!! I just found this fic again, which I adore to bits!! I can't believe what Lana is up to...Yikes!!! I'm totally rooting for Clark and Lex to get out. Lana is clearly insane. Though I can't help but wonder if little Connor is somehow going to be born.

mactaylorsgirl said...

Wow I have to say I LOVE this I love the way their relationship and trust issues have played out, just awesome. Plus it hits a lot of my domClark subLex kinks. Plus Lex jeopardy :) I hope you continue. Clark has to rescue his man from Crazy Lana.

Anonymous said...

omg!!! i love this story!!! it keeps getting juicer and juicer and since i have never really liked lana(except for her fabulous butt!) that makes me love the story twice as much. but i am kinda hoping the supergang comes and saves them. that would be awesome!!!

but anyways AWESOME!!!

Anonymous said...


janet said...

Please finish this story up! I'm totally begging you! Also, if it warrants another sequel, write it!

BabyDee said...

Can we get another update on this one please, Miss Elly? :-)

Anonymous said...

Love that you made your blog accessible again! I missed you and your stories.

I also love the twists in this story and would really appreciate it if you could update it; I'm on pins and needles!!

Thanks, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!