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Lights, Chapter 10

Season 3, sometime after "Phoenix"
Rating: Adult. If you're under eighteen, please go elsewhere now.
Disclaimer: These characters belong to the CW and DC Comics, not to me.
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Clark's body ached with a primitive, urgent need. Lex's hand was on his cock, stroking up and down, but that wasn't enough. He needed more. A lot more.

Even so, he still wasn't totally comfortable with the making love in public thing. Yeah, probably no one could see them, but still. He wasn't the exhibitionist type. He tried one more time to formulate a protest. "I just think we should go inside and..."

"No." Lex's mouth began trailing down Clark's bare chest. "I'm going to make love to you right here, Clark. Right in the middle of the city."

Clark shut up, because he couldn't really object, not when Lex's mouth was moving in a direction he wholeheartedly approved of. Suddenly his concerns about public sex seemed irrelevant. If Lex wanted to do this on the balcony, Clark could live with that. Hell, if Lex wanted to go down on him on the corner of Main and Third, Clark thought he'd be okay with that, too.

Lex's lips caressed their way down his abdomen, and then Lex was kneeling, pressing kisses to the sensitive skin beneath Clark's navel, right above the waistband of his briefs.

Clark heard a low moan, almost a growl, and realized it was his own voice.

He reached down and grasped the purple tie that still hung loosely around his shoulders, yanked it off, and looped it around Lex's neck, pulling him even closer. Lex took the hint, moving even lower, his lips brushing right over the waistband of Clark's boxers, and Clark growled again. He could feel the unmistakable throbbing of his hard-on, pulsing as hungrily as if it hadn't had any relief in weeks.

"Lex," he whispered. "Lex..."

He tugged on the tie, more eagerly than before, and Lex's hands lifted, pulling the briefs down slowly. He pulled them all the way down to Clark's ankles, and Clark stepped out of them and kicked them aside. While he was at it, he yanked his socks off, too. And then he stood there, shivering slightly, not because the cool night air had any effect on his skin, but because he was now totally naked, in front of Lex and Metropolis, and as badly as he wanted this, he nevertheless felt very... vulnerable.

But then Lex's hand closed around his cock, pulling it down a bit, and Lex's lips brushed over the swollen head of his cock. And suddenly Clark forgot about feeling vulnerable, and just let himself feel.

Lex's lips felt incredible, and Clark threw back his head and cried out. He'd fantasized about this earlier in the shower, even though he'd tried very hard to suppress the fantasy, and right now he needed it so badly he thought he might explode. He felt impossibly sensitive, and even the light brush of Lex's lips was almost too much for him.

Lex did it again, and he tightened his grip on the tie, clinging desperately.

Lex kissed him there, very lightly, over and over again, until Clark could feel precome welling up. It embarrassed him a little to think of the head of his cock growing wet, because he knew Lex couldn't possibly fail to notice it. Lex probably couldn't fail to notice the way his cock was jerking and bobbing, either.

Lex began to slowly stroke his hand up and down the shaft of Clark's cock, while his lips continued to lavish kisses over the head, and Clark closed his eyes and trembled, his hips moving despite himself. He knew he was thrusting eagerly against Lex's mouth, and that embarrassed him too, but he couldn't stop. He just couldn't. His instincts were taking him over, controlling his body.

And then he felt something wet and soft and infinitely gentle against the swollen flesh of his erection. Lex's tongue, he realized, and another long growl ground its way out of his chest. No one had ever done that to him before, and even though he'd fantasized about it a million times, he hadn't ever imagined it could feel this good.

He thought of Lex licking away his moisture, his tongue stroking away the litttle droplets of precome that kept welling up, and the thought embarrassed him and turned him on all at once.

Lex's tongue trailed around the head of his cock, in a leisurely, thorough way, and Clark heard his low growls give way to high-pitched sobs. His balls were tight and his erection was aching and he was suddenly afraid he was going to come all over Lex, all over his mouth and his lips and his cheek and his chest... oh, God...

"Lex." He gasped out the words. "You have to stop... you have to..."

"I'm just getting started." Lex sounded lazily amused. "I don't plan on stopping any time soon."

"But Lex... I'm going to... I'm going to..."

"No, you're not. Not yet. " Lex stopped talking, and his tongue moved right over Clark's most sensitive spot, the tiny slit at the tip of Clark's cock, licking away the moisture that had beaded there. Clark jerked violently and gave a long wail. And then Lex's tongue was moving against him there, a lot faster, and the onslaught of pleasure almost sent Clark to his knees.

God, he couldn't bear this much longer. It was so good... and yet he needed... he needed...

Lex seemed to understand what he needed, because his lips parted, and suddenly Clark was slipping into his mouth, into incredible heat and moisture. He clenched his eyes shut and bared his teeth, struggling to hold still, despite the demand of instincts that told him to thrust hard and deep.

But Lex's mouth moved on him, drawing him in, deeper than Clark had imagined was possible. And suddenly Clark found himself moving despite himself, slamming into Lex's mouth in long, eager thrusts. His knees trembled, his breath came in harsh gasps, and a film of sweat broke out on his skin.

God. He was going to come in spurt after spurt, right in Lex's mouth, and the thought made him quiver with a sort of desperate anticipation at the same time it made him blush. He tried to fight against it, to hold back, but couldn't. He could only thrust harder as the pleasure built to a nearly intolerable level. He could feel his balls pull up against his body, could feel his cock beginning to spasm violently.

He threw his head back in surrender, howling to the moon.

But just as he thought he was going to explode in rapture, Lex released him, pulling away and rocking back on his heels. Clark stared down at him, his cock throbbing wildly for release. He knew his eyes were wide and frantic, and that his body was shaking and covered in sweat, and that he probably looked like a junkie desperate for a hit.

"Lex," he whispered. "Please."

"Soon," Lex answered softly. He stood up and fumbled in one of his pants pockets, drawing out a little tube of something. Clark felt another blush as he realized it was lubricant.

Lex squirted out some of the stuff onto his finger, and Clark felt himself stiffen. He couldn't help it. As much as he'd come to realize he wanted Lex, he wasn't quite sure he was ready for, well...

But Lex knelt again, and began licking at his cock again, and any objection Clark had been about to voice faded into a long, heartfelt moan.

Through the haze of pleasure, he felt Lex's hand caressing his ass, sliding between his butt cheeks. He thought about protesting, but couldn't. Even when Lex's finger began probing a very intimate place, he couldn't quite bring himself to object. He wasn't sure he liked it much, but Lex's tongue was still stroking him, licking away the precome, and there was no way Clark was going to complain while that was happening.

Even so, when Lex's slick finger slipped inside him, he jolted.

"You like that?" Lex whispered.

"Uh..." Clark wondered if it was okay to admit he didn't. He didn't want to hurt Lex's feelings or anything, and it wasn't like it felt really bad. It was just sort of meh. Lex's finger slid into him a little deeper, and it definitely felt a little weird, maybe even a little irritating. He felt his body stiffen in an automatic defensive reaction.

"Give it a minute," Lex said softly. His tongue continued to stroke Clark, and his hand worked the shaft of Clark's cock, sliding up and down. Clark decided not to object to the movement of his other hand, because as long as Lex was licking him, he really didn't have a lot of complaints. He could put up with the other thing easily enough. No big deal.

Lex's finger slid into him just a little further, curling a bit, and suddenly Clark gasped and jerked.

"Now you like it," Lex whispered. There was a definite note of amusement in his voice.

"Lex... oh, Lex..."

Lex's finger continued to stroke, and Clark moaned. Somehow Lex had found a place inside him that felt incredible when it was touched. It felt different from anything he'd ever felt before, but so good it made his thighs tremble. He could feel precome surging from his body, practically gushing from him. Lex's tongue licked it all away, and Clark heard a long, loud noise come out of his mouth.

He was howling to the moon again. But he didn't mind.

And Lex didn't seem to mind, either.

Lex's finger kept stroking him deep inside, and his lips parted, drawing Clark into his mouth, and Clark found himself thrusting mindlessly, wild with pleasure, utterly out of his head with it. His spine arched and his head dropped back, and he clutched the tie around Lex's neck as he fucked his mouth almost brutally, driving toward the release he had to have, the climax he needed more desperately than he'd ever needed anything.

And then he was coming, hard and fast, in a long, intense orgasm that made him wail Lex's name over and over again. His cock jerked convulsively, and he shuddered all over. He'd never come so hard. He thought maybe it was Lex's finger inside him that altered the quality of his orgasm from mere ecstasy to heavenly rapture, but he couldn't really stop to analyze it. He just let it happen, let himself be transported, let the bliss roll over him in long, hot waves.

The climax seemed to go on forever, but at last his wails died to sobs, and then gasps. His shaking legs gave out, and he sank to his knees, just as he'd done in the shower.

But this time Lex was there to put his arms around him and hold him close.

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