Saturday, December 20, 2008

Lights, Chapter 11

Season 3, sometime after "Phoenix"
Rating: Adult. If you're under eighteen, please go elsewhere now.
Disclaimer: These characters belong to the CW and DC Comics, not to me.
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"I'm sorry."

Clark buried his face in Lex's shoulder and mumbled the words. Lex stroked his hair reassuringly.

"For what, Clark?"

"I just..." Clark remembered the way he'd slammed into Lex's mouth, the way he'd demanded satisfaction, and his cheeks heated to a crimson that he figured probably glowed in the dark. "I didn't mean to lose control like that."

"Clark." Lex's hand caressed him, sliding down over his bare shoulders. Clark became aware that his skin was wet with sweat, slowly beginning to evaporate in the cool night air. "You're supposed to lose control during sex."

Clark shut his eyes at the word. Sex. It sounded so blunt. So dirty. That hadn't been sex, really. Not exactly. It had been more like really intense making out. He wasn't into guys that way, and...

Oh, shut up, he told himself in sudden disgust. It was more than obvious that he was into guys that way. At least, he was into Lex that way. And really, why shouldn't he be? What the hell was the problem here?

The thing was, he knew what the problem was. He wasn't totally comfortable with the idea that he was gay, or bi, or whatever the hell he was. The fact that he was attracted to Lex, that he wanted to climb into bed with Lex and screw him, bugged him. It shouldn't, but it did.

He'd always thought he was an open-minded guy, but he was discovering that it was sometimes easier to be tolerant of other people than of himself.

He lifted his head a little and turned his face into Lex's neck, drawing in a breath, letting the familiar fragrance of moss and lemon wash over him. Lex was warm against him, his arms strong and comforting, his hands gentle on Clark's skin.

This felt right, damn it.

It was right.

He finally admitted to himself that loved Lex. He'd loved him for a long time. And if he loved him a little differently than he'd thought, a little more intensely than he'd ever let himself realize... well, that was his business, and not anyone else's. He just needed to let societal expectations go, and let himself have what he wanted.

And what he wanted... was Lex.

He wanted to make love to Lex right here, in front of all of Metropolis. He wanted to kiss Lex senseless. He wanted to fuck him until they both screamed. He wanted Lex in every way possible.

He was through pretending that he didn't feel anything for Lex. He was through pretending, period. Lex was the most important person in his life, and he wasn't ever going to pretend otherwise again.

Clark wanted Lex naked.

Lex had seen every inch of him, tasted him intimately, touched him. It was his turn. He began unbuckling Lex's belt, then shoved down his pants. Lex toed off his shoes and his socks, then stepped out of the slacks. Clark moved back a pace and stared.

Lex was beautiful by moonlight, his skin so pale and perfect it almost seened to glow, despite a few reddish freckles sprinkled here and there. His muscles weren't as heavy as Clark's, but his body was toned and firm, the slim, strong form of a fencer. He wore a pair of dark violet briefs, and beneath the silky material Clark could see an enticing bulge.

Lex was just as hard for him as he'd been for Lex, he realized, and the realization filled him with warmth. Not sexual warmth, but the warmth of knowing that he was desired, that Lex really wanted him.

Tentatively, he reached out a hand and carefully trailed a finger down the center of Lex's chest. Lex closed his eyes, tilting his head back, and sighed. Encouraged, Clark began to explore him with both hands, and Lex moaned.

"Clark... I thought maybe we could..."

"My turn, Lex." Clark let his hands slide down Lex's abdomen, which had the unexpected but not unwelcome effect of shutting him up. "You've been touching me all night. Now I get to touch you."

And kiss you, and lick you, and... He didn't say the words, but the images they put into his mind were enough to make him hard again. Suddenly he realized he wanted to know how Lex's skin tasted. Not just his mouth, but the rest of him.

All of him.

He lowered himself into a half-crouch that would have been impossible for a human to hold very long, and let his tongue slide very delicately over Lex's nipple.

Lex jerked and gave a startled, hoarse cry, and his hands came up, grabbing Clark by the hair and digging in. Clark inferred from that reaction that Lex liked what he was doing, so he continued licking, very lightly, in a way he figured probably kind of tickled.

Lex seemed to like being tickled. His fingers dug into Clark's hair more deeply, and he uttered a long, deep moan.

Clark teased his nipple for long moments, then slowly parted his lips and drew it into his mouth. Lex cried out, and beneath the fragrance of ivy and moss and lemon, Clark could smell an earthy scent.

Precome, he realized. A lot of it. What he was doing was getting Lex seriously turned on.

He thought about that, imagined Lex's erection, hard and swollen in his dark violet briefs, growing slick and warm as little beads of precome welled from the head. Lex had gotten a closeup view of him, but he had no idea what Lex looked like. Suddenly he needed to know, very badly.

He ran his hands slowly down Lex's abs, hooked his index fingers into the waistband of Lex's briefs, and carefully drew them down to Lex's ankles. Lex kicked them off, and Clark stared some more.

Because Lex was standing stark naked in front of him. All his.

The sight of Lex's cock was enough to make his mouth water. In the moonlight, it glowed almost as pale as the rest of Lex's skin, but a little rosier. The head was flushed a deeper, darker pink, gleaming with precome in the dim light, and the shaft of it was etched with blue veins, like marble. Lex didn't have any pubic hair, which made it look even longer and more impressive.

Clark stared. He wanted to stare all night, to drink in the sight of Lex. He wanted to touch him, to stroke his hand up and down the thick shaft. He wanted to kiss him, and find out what the little pearls of moisture tasted like. He wanted to explore Lex's body till he knew every inch of it perfectly, until he could call it to mind any time he closed his eyes.

He leaned forward again, and caressed Lex's nipple with his tongue. At the same moment, he reached down and let his hand encircle Lex's erection. Lex felt smooth and hot, and he pushed eagerly into Clark's hand. Clark let him set the pace, let Lex thrust until he was moaning and gasping for breath.

Then he released Lex and straightened up. Lex gave a groan of disappointment. His eyes were closed, his teeth bared, his body trembling. "Clark..."

"Not yet," Clark whispered. "Not until I'm inside you."

Lex's eyes shot open, and he stared at Clark, looking stunned. Clark grinned-- because it wasn't every day he rendered Lex Luthor speechless-- and dropped to his knees.

He pressed a kiss to Lex's belly, just beneath his navel. He could smell the loamy scent of Lex's arousal very clearly, and it made him harder than before. He wanted Lex so badly he could hardly believe it.

But Lex hadn't gotten any relief at all tonight, so it seemed possible that Lex wanted him even more.

Clark kissed his way downward, grasping Lex's cock and pulling it slightly toward him. Then he brushed a kiss right over the plump, wet head.

Lex jerked and hissed. Clark did it again, and Lex quivered all over.

"God... Clark..."

Clark let his tongue slip out, sliding over Lex's most sensitive flesh in a long, slow caress. Lex groaned and sobbed and gripped his hair in a way that would have hurt anyone else. If he hadn't been invulnerable, Clark was pretty sure he would have lost a couple of handfuls of hair.

Lex tasted good, although Clark couldn't quite find words to describe the taste. It was salty and spicy and slightly bitter, but strangely intoxicating. He'd expected to be mildly grossed out, but instead he was surprised by how much he liked it. He kept stroking Lex with his tongue, exploring every little detail, the slit at the tip and the tiny little ridge beneath the glans. His hand slid up, almost of its own accord, and began to stroke Lex's balls, and Lex shuddered and cried out.

"You like that," Clark whispered. He liked it too, liked feeling the heft of Lex's balls against his palm, the soft weight of them a contrast to the slick, hard flesh of Lex's erection. He rolled the fragile flesh in his hand, very gently and carefully, and Lex uttered another anguished cry.

"Clark... you have to stop... you have to...I'm going to..."

"No, you're not." Clark licked him again, then smiled up at him. "I told you, Lex... not until I'm inside you."

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twinsarein said...

Hot, hot, hot! Wow, Clark is definitely going to get his share of enjoyment from Lex's body - lucky, lucky boy. Can't wait for the next chapter.

Lexangy said...

Great Babe.
I like you did show us first Lex caressing Clark and now Clark playing with Lex's body.
Anyway, you describe Lex's body always so well, it seems like I can see him in front of me.

and he always takes my breath away!

ender said...

this was vivid!
absolutely vivid!

DeeDee said...

Ooh, who knew Clark had it in him? He's driving Lex crazy. Yowza!

I'm really interested to see how this goes down (no pun intended!) Does Clark even know what to do?!

I know you'll do it justice, Elly. Great job!


roxymissrose said...

Well, my goodness, I'm really enjoying this. *koff* VERY much. :)