Sunday, December 21, 2008

Lights, Chapter 12

Season 3, sometime after "Phoenix"
Rating: Adult. If you're under eighteen, please go elsewhere now.
Disclaimer: These characters belong to the CW and DC Comics, not to me.
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Clark's mouth was all over Lex. He couldn't help himself, couldn't stop himself from kissing Lex's pale flesh. A deep, compelling hunger burned inside him, a hunger he couldn't fight any longer.

How long had he wanted to do this, to let himself touch and taste Lex this way? He'd never let himself admit it, but the memory of dark flickers of fantasy couldn't be denied any longer. The truth was, he'd wanted Lex a long, long time.

And he wanted Lex even more now. He'd finally come to understand that only Lex could light the darkness inside him. He needed Lex, not just physically, but emotionally. He needed Lex to drive away his darkness and fill him with light. And maybe, he thought, Lex needed him for the exact same thing.

He remembered how alone he'd felt last time he'd been in Metropolis. He thought about how lonely Lex must have been, alone on his island. And he was grateful that they'd finally admitted what was between them, and let themselves be drawn together.

This was the way things ought to be.

A faint concern about what his parents would think about this situation flickered through his mind, but he pushed it aside. He knew his parents weren't going to be thrilled, either with his revelations about his sexual orientation or his choice of partner. But he also knew he couldn't live his life for his parents.

Anyway, he didn't want to worry about stuff like that now.

Right now, he just wanted to think about Lex.

He caught Lex by the shoulders, very gently, and pushed him toward one of those long chairs-- a chaise, was it called?-- people liked to have on their patios. Lex wrapped his arms around Clark, and the two of them sank down onto the chaise together, arms wrapped around each other, legs entwined, mouths melded together in long, intense kisses.

Clark could feel his cock pressing up against the soft flesh of Lex's inner thigh. He let himself rub against Lex, just a little, and sighed with pleasure as his erection throbbed heavily. Lex was pushing against him, too, his cock pressing against Clark's abdomen, soft groans rising from his throat. Clark imagined him coming in hot spurts, all over Clark's belly, and a shudder of pure desire racked him.

But no. He didn't want Lex to come that way, not this time. Just as he'd said before, he wanted to be inside Lex.

The intensity of his need surprised him. Even when he'd indulged in secret thoughts about kissing Lex, touching him, he hadn't ever really thought about what it meant for two guys to make love. It certainly hadn't been something he would have ever admitted he'd had any particular desire to do.

And yet he wanted to be inside of Lex, part of Lex, so badly he trembled with need. He craved true intimacy with Lex with every cell in his body.

He reached out a long arm and fumbled for the little tube of lubricant, which had gotten dropped to the ground somehow. His fingers closed around it, and he lifted his head and smiled ruefully at Lex.

"Uh... I'm not quite sure how..."

"It's easy," Lex said softly. "But first, we need a condom. If you look in my pants pocket..."

"No. No condom."

"Clark." Lex sighed. "You may be a virgin, but I... well, I've been around. We need to use..."

"No," Clark repeated implacably. He knew he couldn't get infected by human diseases, and there was no way he could infect Lex with anything, either. He was damned if he was going to experience his first time with Lex sheathed in a little piece of latex, when there just wasn't any frigging need.

Lex looked at him for a long moment, and deep in the gray eyes Clark could see understanding. Lex wasn't stupid, and never had been. He might not know Clark's secret, but he did recognize that the younger man was something more than an ordinary Kansas farmboy.

At last Lex nodded. "All right," he said.

Clark couldn't stop himself from grinning, a rather foolishly broad grin, as he opened the little cap of lube. He'd worked on enough engines to know that all moving parts needed lubrication, so he squirted some out onto his palm and began to stroke it onto himself. The feel of his slick hand against his swollen, needy flesh felt good, and his eyes drifted partway shut.

Lex was watching him with avid interest, his eyes watching every movement of Clark's hand, and ordinarily that would have made him feel self-conscious, but considering everything they'd already done together, it just made him harder.

"Now me," Lex whispered.

Clark squirted some more of the liquid onto his fingers, and slid his hand between Lex's thighs, very carefully, just as Lex had done to him He probed, gently and carefully, and then his finger slid into the warmth of Lex's body, and Lex gave a low moan.

Clark froze, worried. He did have pretty big fingers. "Am I hurting you?"

"No." Lex's voice was hoarse. "That's perfect."

Lex felt slick and hot, and the thought of all that tight flesh around his cock almost sent Clark over the edge. But he gritted his teeth, holding back, and continued caressing Lex. After a few moments he added a second finger. Lex groaned, a little more loudly, and shifted restlessly beneath him.

"Now, Clark."

Clark shifted position, just a little, so that he was between Lex's thighs. And then he was pressing forward, his body taut, his face contorted with agonized pleasure, as he very slowly slipped into Lex's body.

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Anonymous said...

Wowee wow wow! I LOVE your smut. So hot so intense. I like the emphasis again on intimacy, not just sex. Just an awesome chapter.

DeeDee said...

Er...everything twinsarein said! :-)

I also loved Clark's moment of hesitation, and brief thought that his parents were so gonna flip if/when they find out...classic Clark.

I can't believe there's only one chapter left! Sob!

Fantastic writing, Elly.


Lexangy said...

It's so incredibly hot!!
Love this Clark now, love how he want to feel and enjoy every inch of Lex's body and soul without condom.

Really can't wait for more...pleaseeeeeeeeeee!!

Anonymous said...

really, seriously, you're killing me--love this! Clark is so sweet--hungry as he is, he stops the second he thinks he might have hurt Lex. *happysigh*