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Lights, Chapter 13

Season 3, sometime after "Phoenix"
Rating: Adult. If you're under eighteen, please go elsewhere now.
Disclaimer: These characters belong to the CW and DC Comics, not to me.
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Clark paused with the head of his cock barely inside Lex, giving the other man's body time to adjust. Even being just an inch or two inside Lex was enough to make him tremble and gasp. Lex seemed to like it too, judging from the way his hands dug into Clark's shoulders.

"More," he whispered harshly. "More, Clark."

Clark rolled his hips and pushed, very slowly and carefully, into Lex. Pleasure swept through him, hot and overpowering, and the need to take control of the situation, to dominate, to fuck, rose up in his chest, clutching insistently at him. For an instant he felt Kal lurking inside him, selfish and demanding and totally alpha.

He reminded himself that he wasn't Kal. He was better than that. He pushed back the ghost of Kal and fought to control himself.

"Oh, God." Lex clung to him. "I dreamed about this on the island, Clark... all the time... you're all I thought about..."

"Yeah." Clark pushed in a little further. A low noise ground from his chest. Another feral growl, another echo of Kal. "I thought about this all summer, Lex. You were all I wanted. I could have... I could have had so many lovers... but you're all I ever wanted..."

Lex cracked his eyes open and looked at Clark. His eyes glittered silver in the darkness. "I'm glad you waited for me," he said, very softly. "I'm glad I'm the first."

"Yeah. Me too."

Clark struggled to hold back, to go slowly, but Lex's body squeezed his, whether by instinct or design Clark didn't know. His hips jerked in an involuntary response, and suddenly he was all the way inside Lex, buried to the hilt, and it was just as intimate as he'd imagined. He lowered his head and kissed Lex, a long deep kiss that said everything he was feeling far more clearly than words ever could.

His body shuddered with a terrible, overpowering need, but he wanted this moment to last forever, or at least a reasonable facsimile of forever, so he forced himself to hold still.

But then Lex was lifting his legs, wrapping them around Clark, and suddenly Clark was deeper inside him than ever, and he couldn't hold himself back, couldn't prevent himself from withdrawing and thrusting again. The two of them moaned in unison, and suddenly Clark's body was no longer his own. Kal rose up inside him, demanding sex, demanding satisfaction, and Clark's spine flexed as he drove forcefully into Lex, over and over again. He cried out, so loudly he vaguely wondered if the neighbors could hear his voice lifted in pleasure, but right now he didn't much care if all of Metropolis could hear the two of them making love.

"Oh... shit... yeah..." Lex's voice was rough, and his hands slid down, digging into Clark's ass, asking for more. Clark gave it to him, slamming into him hard, fucking him violently.

He was no longer the seventeen-year-old farmboy who'd blushed and stammered when Lex had stared at his chest, who'd never had sex, who didn't really have a clue what he was doing. Instead, he was the cocky, self-assured guy he'd been in Metropolis. Not a jerk, the way Kal had been, not a criminal or a bully or a thief.

But suddenly he felt fully mature, confident in his sexuality, and ready to take what was his.

He'd had enough releases today that he wasn't right on the verge yet. In fact, he thought he could do this all night. He wanted to do it all night. He closed his eyes and let himself indulge, let himself enjoy the sensation of sliding endlessly in and out of Lex.

But Lex hadn't had a release today, and his cock was already quivering against his abdomen, pulsing, dripping precome. Clark heard Lex sobbing breathlessly, and he knew the other man was going to come any minute. He couldn't stop himself from watching. He levered himself up on his arms, staring hungrily at Lex's engorged cock, and gave Lex more, thrusting even harder.

And suddenly Lex was writhing beneath him, crying out, his cock spasming, thick jets of come spurting all over his abs and chest.

Watching Lex come, watching his face distort with pleasure and his cock jerk uncontrollably, was incredible. It sent a fierce throb of possessiveness through Clark. Lex belonged to him now. Lex would always be his. No one else would ever touch him this way again. No one else would ever kiss him or touch him. He belonged only to Clark, from here to the end of time.

Kal had risen up inside him again, demanding a climax, demanding that he take Lex as his own, that he fill him with his own come, that he mark him as his, and he didn't try to fight against the impulse. He let himself go, let himself move harder and faster, and suddenly his own climax ripped through him in a long cascade of ecstasy that made him shout out Lex's name. His body shuddered, caught in the grip of the relentless waves, and he poured himself into Lex, giving himself to his best friend in a way he'd never given himself to another person.

At last he fell against Lex, gasping for breath, his muscles weak, his body drained.

Lex was his now.

And he was Lex's.


They sprawled together on the chaise for a long time, bathed in moonlight and the glow of Metropolis, as well as a quiet, gentle peace Clark hadn't felt for a long time. All the bitterness he'd been feeling since his summer of sin, all the unrest, all the darkness... all of it was gone.

Lex had lit up the shadows inside him and allowed him to take a look at what was lurking inside him. And to his surprise, it wasn't as bad as he'd feared. He'd begun to recognize that even Kal had some positive aspects. He'd come to grips with who he was, and accepted that everyone had some darkness inside of them. Eventually, he thought, he'd be able to put everything that had happened behind him-- not to forget it, but to forgive himself his own trespasses and move on.

He looked out over the city lights, remembering the summer he'd spent here, and smiled. Metropolis was no longer tied up with bad memories and guilt and thoughts of sin in his mind. Now he'd forever associate it with the first time he'd made love to the man he loved.

Lex tightened his arms around his waist and pressed his face into his shoulder. "I missed you," he whispered. "I missed you so much."

Clark felt his own arms tighten possessively. The scent of moss and ivy and lemons surrounded him, and he breathed it in as if trying to draw Lex's essence into himself. "Yeah, Lex," he muttered gruffly. "I missed you too."

"Even when I got off the island and came home, I was afraid I could never find my way back." Lex's voice was low. "I felt like there were all these demons inside me... all this darkness..."

"Me too." Clark's biggest demon was named Kal, but he now realized he'd had other dark things hiding in the shadowy corners of his mind, too. Guilt over his mom and the baby. Guilt over everything he'd done in Metropolis, and the way his parents had almost lost the farm because of him. Guilt over his feelings for Lex, and confusion over his sexual orientation. It had all been knotted up inside him, almost strangling him. Small wonder he'd felt restless and unhappy.

Since he'd returned to Smallville, he'd been a big, muddled, confused mess, but making love to Lex had finally helped him to sort everything out. He saw everything much more clearly now.

Loving Lex illuminated everything.

"Clark..." Lex sighed, and nuzzled his shoulder. "I don't know what I might have become if you'd turned me away. I wonder if the darkness would have just eaten me alive. If maybe I would have... welcomed it."

Clark could understand that. He thought of his longings for Metropolis. If he hadn't come here with Lex, he thought, he might have eventually come here on his own. He might have given into the dark longings inside him and let Kal out again, in a setting where Kal could do some damage. The darkness might have consumed him, too.

Instead, he was here, gazing out over the city lights with the guy he loved, and there was peace in his heart.

He still had worries, of course, like how his parents were going to react to all this. But he knew his earlier thoughts had been right. He had to live his life for himself, not for his parents. They could guide him, help him along his path... but he was an adult now, or almost an adult, and in the long haul he had to trust in himself to make his own decisions.

And this, he was calmly certain, was the right decision for him. He and Lex belonged together.

He noticed it was growing chilly, for humans. The chaise was kind of small for two guys, anyway, and he became aware that his ass was hanging off the edge. He remembered the huge bed inside the apartment, and suddenly his fantasies of seeing Lex's pale skin against the purple coverlet rose up again.

Still stark naked, he rose to his feet, lifting Lex into his arms. Lex looked slightly surprised at being picked up like a child, but then he smiled, wrapped his arms around Clark's neck, and dropped his head against Clark's shoulder in surrender.

Clark carried him into the bedroom and placed him on the coverlet, then stretched out beside him, draping an arm over him. Lex pressed his face into Clark's chest.

"Clark," he mumbled. "I almost sent you away... if I'd let you go..."

"It's okay, Lex," Clark said, very gently. "Quit worrying about it. We both had some stuff we needed to work through, I guess. But I'm glad we did it together. We're okay now, right?"

"Yes," Lex answered. He pressed more closely against Clark, holding him close. His voice, usually so strong and confident, was soft and vulnerable. "But I need you, Clark. I love you. Please... don't leave me."

Clark tightened his arms around Lex and spoke with quiet conviction.

"I won't ever leave you, Lex."

-The End-


Anonymous said...

Whee! That was beautiful and hot. I loved how making love was the catalyst both boys needed to get themselves straightened out.

Clark's struggle with Kal and his eventually realization that he was an important necessary part of Clark was especially poignant.

cinderella81 said...

Wow .. that was hot and sexy and mindblowing and sweet and ... Yay for them being together!!!

I'm glad that Clark's guilt was touched on ... I don't think we saw enough of it in the show ... how he handled it ...

Lexangy said...

Oh Elly...this time you touch my soul and my panties and my mind and my heart....I can't get enough of this!
The way you describe the Clark's thoughts are exactly the same I think he could feel.
The way he thinks Lex is his, the abandon, the sweet possessiveness, the alpha Kal....everything is so hot, perfect and tender, and they really seems to belong eachother.
Thanks for sharing this with us, and to write for us.

I'd like to read your stories everynight...

Anonymous said...

Wonderful ending! I enjoyed this *very* much! And this line: Loving Lex illuminated everything.

Just jumped out for me, beautiful line, that!
Thanks so mujch for sharing this!

Elly said...

Thanks for all the kind feedback, guys. I really appreciate it!!!

Erin said...

Oh my that was so hot and SOOO sweet of an ending. If only that really happened !

iibnf said...

Beautiful. Loved the stuff about illuminating the dark places - some seriously... oh, fuck... what's the word? You know, pretty metaphores. That stuff. Anyway, lyrical writing. Yeah, that'll do. Lyrical.

DeeDee said...

Once again, Elly, you prove that Smallville writers are monkeys on crack.

This is a really touching, moving story. Smut aside (which was badass, by the way!), we got to understand the inner demons & fears of both Lex and Clark. And like cinderella said above, we never saw enough of Clark's emotions and how he handled being back at home after his summer of sin.

Awesome story, Elly. Loved it. You rock!


Elly said...

Thanks a bunch for all the nice feedback! I'm glad everyone enjoyed it, and I really appreciate the comments!

Anonymous said...

This is so good. I love how you brought a happy ending to the season 5 rift. Making love under the Christmas tree was a great touch!

Elly said...

Thanks, supercaptain! I appreciate that!

Anonymous said...

Elly, I LOVE this story so much!, no one writes clex fiction like you do!!, thanks for giving us this awesome christmas gift...:D

Clark and Lex will always belong to each other.

Anonymous said...

Just read the whole thing inone sitting! This was wonderful, hon!

Great take on the Exile/Phoenix consequences, plus loving and hot!!


Thanks for reading this, and sharing!!