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Season 7
Rating: Adult. If you're under eighteen, please go elsewhere now.
Disclaimer: These characters belong to the CW and DC Comics, not to me.
Sequel to Under Cover.
Written at the request of kyra_and_co.

"Ms. Sullivan, this article is unacceptable."

Chloe Sullivan, editor-in-chief of the Daily Planet, looked up as Lex Luthor strode into her office, banging the door shut behind him. He was waving a sheet of paper and looked quite annoyed.

Chloe smiled, because if there was one thing that made her day, it was an annoyed Lex.

"Bite me, Mr. Luthor," she answered sweetly.

Lex reached her desk and dropped the paper down in front of her, on top of the article she was currently editing. "I'm serious, Ms. Sullivan. This baseless libel about my company is not running in my paper."

She smiled again, and leaned back in her leather chair, looking up at him. "And that's why you bought the Planet, isn't it? So you could censor the news about LuthorCorp. And you expect me to quietly go along with it."

"I don't expect you to quietly do anything," Lex answered. "I know you too well. But I do think you can be made to see reason."

"Ah, this is the part where the blackmail comes in."

"Not blackmail, Ms. Sullivan. A simple review of the facts. If you want to keep your post as editor-in-chief, you'll do well to remember who's in charge."

"And if you want this newspaper to retain a shred of credibility, you have to realize you can't stifle the news this way. Everyone already knows about the explosion at the LuthorCorp plant this morning, Lex. It was on the local news stations, and CNN as well. Pretending it didn't happen will only prove to Metropolis and the world that the Planet is no longer unbiased, but simply a LuthorCorp mouthpiece."

Lex dropped his hands onto her desk and stared into her eyes. "I don't object to it being in the paper," he growled. "But I don't care for the spin you've put on it."

"Spin?" She let the corner of her mouth curve up, just a bit. "This is the Daily Planet, Lex. We don't spin."

"If you're honest with yourself," he said coolly, "I think you'll realize that you are encouraging your journalists to write articles biased against the new CEO of the Planet. Perhaps even editing their articles to be more so. This article, for example. The first several paragraphs are all about the toxins that could have been released into the atmosphere. How about leading off with the simple fact that the explosion was contained, and no damage was done?"

Chloe blew out an aggravated sigh. "Lex, that plant was full of toxins..."

"None of which was released into the atmosphere. My people worked very hard to contain the damage, and our safety protocols worked precisely as they were designed to work." He stared into her eyes. "Chloe, look at the facts objectively, and you'll see that you're allowing your anger at me to distort this article."

Chloe picked up the paper he'd printed out and read it through several times. At last, reluctantly, she nodded. She hated to admit Lex was right, but the fact was the article was slanted.

"I'll re-edit it," she said at last.

Lex straightened up and gave his chilly smile. "Thank you."

"It has nothing to do with you, Lex. It has to do with keeping the news fair and balanced. If toxins had been released, believe me, I'd be fighting tooth and nail to keep that story on the front page."

"And I would expect no less of you, Chloe." He looked down at her with a gleam of masculine interest in his silver-gray eyes. "Do you have time for a break?"

"A break?" She lifted an eyebrow, as coolly as she was able. "Oh, you mean do I have time to give the boss a blow job? Thanks, but I think I'll take a pass on that one, Lex. Already I'm having a hard enough time getting any respect from my staff."

She'd been editor-in-chief for a week, and her reporters and editors still treated her with barely concealed contempt. Not that she blamed them. As far as they knew, she'd been hired because of her skills in bed rather than her editing skills. She didn't blame them for their attitude, but she did want to change it. She didn't want any more rumors about her relationship with Lex to make the rounds.

"Chloe..." He began to walk around the enormous desk, toward her, and his voice dropped. "I think you miss this as much as I do."

"Forget it," she said coldly. "I'm not sleeping with the boss."

"You don't have to sleep with me." He knelt down next to her chair and spoke in her ear, very softly. "Just let me ease some of your... tensions."

"I'm not tense," she growled.

"Of course you are. And who wouldn't be? It's a tough job, and let's face it, you're not qualified for the position." He put a manicured hand onto her shoulder and squeezed lightly. "You're definitely tense."

At the touch of his hand, warmth washed through her. She did her best to ignore it.

"I have work to do, Lex."

"It can wait for a few moments." His hand began to caress her shoulder, very lightly, and to her dismay her nipples hardened beneath her blouse.


His other hand lifted, and began stroking one of her erect nipples. Even though the silken fabric of her blouse and bra, it felt good, and she had to fight back a shudder of pleasure.

"It's all right to be tense," he whispered. "You're just like anyone else, Chloe. You have physical needs. You shouldn't have to deny yourself release."

She growled under her breath, the sound equal parts arousal and aggravation. "Lex. I have to get back to work."

"Soon," he murmured, his voice soothing. His fingers were tweaking her nipple now, pinching it lightly, and moist heat was already beginning to gather between her legs. She'd always had sensitive breasts.

His other hand lifted, squeezing her other nipple lightly, and she shifted in her chair, moaning a little.

"That's it," he whispered. "You're getting wet for me already, Chloe. You know you can't fight it."

Deep down, she knew that she could fight it, that she should fight it. But her body ached with need, with memories of the other times she and Lex had had sex. The climaxes he'd brought her, rich and hot and extravagantly explosive...

One hand continued to play with her nipples, but the other slid down across her belly, toward her ache. She leaned back in the chair a little and parted her legs in surrender.

"That's it." He was kneeling next to her chair now, his voice a seductive whisper. "Let yourself take what you need from me, Chloe. There's nothing wrong with that. I'm not asking for anything in return. I just want to make you feel good."

His fingers delved up under her skirt, and then he was stroking the satin of her panties, very lightly, and she twisted and moaned. The chair creaked beneath her.

"Yes," he whispered. "That's what you need."

She growled. "Stop talking so damn much and just do it already."

He laughed softly, and fell silent, while his talented fingers stroked her gently, finding her most sensitive spots, caressing her nipple and her clitoris, drawing her relentlessly toward the sharp edge of climax.

Since she'd taken on the post of editor-in-chief, she'd studiously avoided Lex, except in the most public and professional of situations. And physically, at least, she'd missed him. Her body ached now, ached with a fierce, demanding, throbbing need. She dropped her head back, writhing helplessly in the grip of near-ecstasy, the chair creaking loudly at every movement.

He didn't allow her to climax, which was typical for Lex. His fingers caressed her, slowly, endlessly, holding her right on the edge of orgasm, until her thighs trembled and a fine sheen of sweat broke out on her skin.

"Lex." Her voice shook. "Damn you. Let me have it."

"Is this really what you want?" He spoke in a casual, leisurely tone, while his fingers continued to caress her. "Or do you want to be fucked?"

Just the thought of him inside her was almost enough to send her into the throes of orgasm. She gasped and shuddered, her hips jerking, pressing up eagerly against his hand.

"Ah," he said, sounding lazily satisfied. "So that's what you really want."

"No." Her voice sounded faint and uncertain, even to her own ears. "We can't... I mean, I can't..."

"Of course you can. You can have anything you want from me." He gave her one more long, slow caress, bringing her perilously near the edge, then stood up, and tugged her out of her chair. He looked down at her and smiled.

"I'm all yours, Chloe."

Her hands lifted, even though she tried to stifle the impulse, and then she was unbuckling his belt, unfastening his pants, shoving them and his silk boxers out of the way. His cock rose, pink and glistening with precome, so beautiful she couldn't help staring.

He reached down, shoved her skirt up roughly around her waist, and then yanked off her panties. And then he was pushing her over, onto the shining surface of her oaken desk, and staring at her.

Part of her was uncomfortable being so exposed to Lex, of all people. But her body ached for release, for the incredible pleasure of his body in hers.

He yanked her ass to the edge of the desk, then caught a thigh in either hand, lifting her legs so that she was even more exposed to his silver gaze. He stepped forward, still standing, and the head of his cock nudged right up against her tender, wet flesh.

She whimpered.

"You want me to fuck you." His voice was a low growl, his eyes intense. "You want it so badly."

"Yes." Her voice trembled with desperation, and her body throbbed with irresistible need. "Yes. Please."

He flexed his spine, just a little, and the head of his cock slipped into her. She leaned her head back, moaning with pleasure at the sensation, because he was so big and so hot and so hard.

He was exactly what she needed.

He teased her with tiny little thrusts, withdrawing and reinserting the head of his cock, over and over again. She knew she was creaming all over him, all over her desk, all over any papers that might be beneath her, but she didn't care. Her breath rattled in her throat and her thighs quivered more violently than before.

"Please... oh, God, please..."

He gave her another inch, and recommenced the thrusting game. She shuddered, desperate for more. She wanted to grasp his ass and yank him deep inside, but in this position, she couldn't reach him. She had no power and no control. She was totally at his mercy.

And Lex, she knew all too well, had no mercy.

He kept it up until she couldn't bear it any more, and a breathless word was torn from her.


She heard his smug, self-satisfied laugh, and she wished she could reach him, so she could smack the smile right off his face. But then he sank into her a little more deeply, and pleasure arced through her like electricity, and she forgot all about slapping him.

His body in hers was everything. There was nothing else, only the heat and the friction and the desperate ache that had to be assuaged.

He teased her a little longer. But slowly, he began sinking into her, deeper and deeper, until at last the head of his cock bumped against her womb, and his heavy balls smacked her ass.

"Yes." She panted and writhed and gasped beneath him. "Yes."

He began thrusting, slowly and steadily, at last giving her what she needed so badly. Her head fell back, and she heard herself wailing, her hands clenched into fists, her hips rising eagerly to meet his.

"Yes." His voice was deep and gravelly. "This is what you needed, Chloe, a good hard fuck..."

It was exactly what she needed, and if she weren't so close to the edge, the knowledge might infuriate her. She didn't want to need Lex, of all people. He was the boss, the CEO and owner of the Daily Planet, and this was so very wrong...

But it felt so damn right.

He moved in her harder. No, fucked her harder. His hands pushed her thighs apart a little further, so that he could sink into her even more deeply, and he began to thrust in a steady, fast rhythm.

Heat and tension began to coil deep inside her. She felt the fluttering of her inner muscles that preceded a really intense orgasm, and she knew he must feel it too, must feel her muscles caressing him intimately, all up and down the shaft of his cock.

Sure enough, he groaned, a low, deep sound of pleasure, and fucked her even harder. And then his hand slid between their bodies, lightly stroking her clit with his thumb.

She couldn't resist the double assault. The coiled tension inside her began to unravel, releasing its heat into her cunt and her breasts, and then filling her everywhere. An impossibly good orgasm swelled and exploded inside her, and she felt her inner muscles clenching hard, in long, ecstastic ripples, felt herself creaming all over him, heard her own voice raised in a long, high wail of rapture.

He gasped and cursed and kept moving, hard and fast. She came over and over again, crying out in helpless ecstasy, her body not her own, but his. All his.

And then he thrust into her with a desperate violence, and she heard him yelling her name, felt the rush of his heat inside her. The knowledge that he was coming just as hard as she was drove her to a final, incredible peak, so fierce and hot she couldn't breathe, couldn't do anything but endure it, teeth clenched and muscles rigid.

And then all her muscles slowly relaxed, and he fell forward, his slim body heavy on hers. He felt just as sweaty as she did, and she felt a little satisfaction that at least she'd managed to make him just as weak as she felt.

There was a long silence. Chloe closed her eyes, drifting off to sleep despite herself.

And then there was a creaking sound.

The door, she realized with a terrible start. We didn't lock the door.

No. Lex hadn't locked the door.

She turned her head, and saw a group of reporters staring at her. Some of the best-respected reporters on her staff-- Perry White, Ron Troupe, and a handful of others. The old guard, the reporters who most disliked Lex's takeover of the Planet, and her subsequent elevation to editor-in-chief.

And here she was, lying beneath the boss on her desk, their bodies still linked together.

White, who'd been frozen in shock, seemed to come to himself, and abruptly slammed the door shut. Lex sat up, apparently unconcerned.

"I asked some of your senior staff to join us for a meeting," he said, as calmly as if he were making idle small talk.

Her cheeks flamed with humiliation, but she sat up and glared at him. "And I bet you told them not to bother knocking, just to come right in."

Lex smiled. It was not a pleasant expression.

"You set me up," she snarled. "Damn you, Lex."

"Not a setup," he said, jumping off the desk and beginning to rearrange his clothes. "Not precisely. Just a little reminder of who's in charge, and how you got this job in the first place."

"I did not--!"

"Of course you did. Quit lying to yourself, Chloe. You know you'd never have gotten this job if you hadn't spread your legs for me. And you know you won't hang onto it unless you keep spreading them for me. Literally, and figuratively."

"Fuck off," she growled. She realized she was still naked in front of Lex, and suddenly she felt much more exposed than she had earlier. She scrambled off the desk, yanked down her skirt, and began hunting for her panties.

"I don't think so. Consider this a little reminder, Ms. Sullivan. I own you. I hold your career in my hands."

She yanked on her panties and glared at him, seething wordlessly.

"If you thought this little incident was embarrassing... well, I can embarrass you a great deal more. Believe me." He finished buckling his belt, then picked up the printout on her desk and waved it at her. "Don't make me come in here again to discuss the content of my paper. You know what I expect to see on the front page. Every article you print about LuthorCorp from now on will be favorable. Do I make myself clear?"

She didn't trust herself to answer. She just glared at him.

"I'm glad we understand one another," he said, his voice cool. "Shall I ask your reporters to come back another time?"

She looked down at her disheveled clothes, felt their mingled come running down his thighs, soaking her panties, and a dark, cold shame spread through her.

"Please," she whispered.

Lex gave her one more glance, a coldly possessive look that said, You're all mine, and then dropped the paper onto her desk and disappeared through the door, closing it behind him. Chloe sank down into her chair, shaking.

God, she'd screwed up. So, so badly. She should have remembered that Lex always had an angle. She should have been more wary. And she certainly shouldn't have slept with him.

Damn Lex. Damn him. One touch of his hand, and her ethics went straight out the window.

She picked up the mockup with shaking hands, and looked at it. This particular article she could change without hating herself. In fact, she needed to change it. Lex was right-- she'd allowed her anger to drive her, and had allowed a biased article to get past her. Her reporters probably wouldn't see it that way, especially after the news of her having sex with the boss on her desk got around, but it was true. This article needed to be corrected before it ran in tomorrow's paper.

But Lex had made it more than clear that his concern wasn't only for this one article. The next article that came through about LuthorCorp, and the next, and the next... sooner or later one of them would say something damaging about the company.

And Lex would expect her to rewrite the article. To spin it in favor of LuthorCorp.

You know you'd never have gotten this job if you hadn't spread your legs for me. And you know you won't hang onto it unless you keep spreading them for me. Literally, and figuratively.

Lex would find a way to make her spread her legs for him, figuratively speaking, to publish the articles he wanted. Today's humiliation, she understood quite clearly, had just been a little taste of what he could do to her, a small reminder of how ruthless he was.

The next time she tried to run an article he saw as damaging, she knew the consequences would be far worse.

And yet she couldn't quit, because Lex would just hire an editor who'd do anything he wanted in her place, and then the Planet would go to hell that much more quickly.

She sighed, and buried her face in her hands, fighting back tears of anger and frustration. Somehow, she had to fight him.

And she couldn't give in to him again. Not ever.

But as she remembered the way he'd touched her, the way his body had felt in hers, she knew with a bleak certainty that the next time he wanted her...

She'd surrender.

-The End-

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meanjody said...

I hope this leads to another sequel! When is she going to kick his ass??

April said...

Excellent. I was hoping you'd explore Chlex again. I too am clamoring for a third installment. I really want Chloe to get some control back.

chloista4ever said...

OMG! i want Chloe to get back at him, poor Chloe!

writrgurl said...

I love and hate the way Lex has completely pwnd Chloe. She has not a shred of dignity or self respect left, nor does she deserve the respect of her fellow reporters because she's weak and selfish enough to give in to Lex to satisfy her own needs. She's pathetic, and I love this version of her.

Also, I like the difference in the way you write Chlex sex from Chlark sex.

lillie-poo-pod said...

OMG THIS WAS SO HOT! Elly, you should explore Chlex more often.

DeeDee said...

Oh, Lex is downright diabolical!

This is a steamy sequel to an already steamy story. Poor Chloe. She really is in a no-win situation this time.

And I'm with writrgurl, your Chlex smut has a different feel that your Chlark smut. I don't know how you do it, but it's brilliant.

I'd been hoping for a Chlark sequel to this story, but I think this is even better. Great work, Elly!


Anonymous said...

thats great! You are a very talented writter!

DeeDee said...

Oh - typo, penultimate paragraph - should read, "...the way his body had felt in hers..."


alexis374 said...

yeah, i'm a huge fan of chloe and lex so if you could do sequels to this fab piece i would LOVE YOUUUUU! but in any event that was awesome haha you're a great writer =)

malugargula said...

This is really really amazing and hot
Btu I couldn't find UnderCover to read before this one
Can you help me please?