Thursday, September 24, 2009

What Is This Feeling?

Season 7
Rating: Adult. If you're under eighteen, please go elsewhere now.
Disclaimer: These characters belong to the CW and DC Comics, not to me.
Sequel to
Exposed and Under Cover.

What is this feeling,
So sudden and new?
I felt the moment
I laid eyes on you
My pulse is rushing
My head is reeling
My face is flushing
What is this feeling?
Fervid as a flame
Does it have a name?
Yes! Loathing
Unadulterated loathing...

Let's just say - I loathe it all
Ev'ry little trait, however small
Makes my very flesh begin to crawl
With simple utter loathing
There's a strange exhilaration
In such total detestation
It's so pure, so strong!
Though I do admit it came on fast
Still I do believe that it can last
And I will be loathing
Loathing you
My whole life long
-"What Is This Feeling?" (Wicked)

"You ruined my professional reputation."

"Not at all, Miss Sullivan. You have an excellent professional reputation. As a prostitute."

"You bastard." She snarled, shoving him over on her bed, so hard that the springs creaked. "I'm a damn good journalist. And sooner or later I'm going to take you down."

"And here I thought you were more interested in my being up."

"Stop it." She ripped his silk shirt off furiously. Buttons flew everywhere. "I hate you, Lex. No... I loathe you. I detest the way you turn every human interaction into a battle. I despise your utter lack of ethics and human decency. And I am repulsed by the way you're destroying my newspaper."

"My newspaper," Lex corrected, very gently.

"Mine, damn it. I'm the editor in chief. It's mine, and I'm going to save it if it kills me."

"All that passion for an institution," Lex mocked. "How fortunate for me that you are such a passionate individual, Miss Sullivan."

"Don't think this means anything," she growled as he yanked her bra off. He'd humiliated her this morning, let her entire senior staff know the two of them were having sex on her desk, and she was still simmering with fury. And yet, when Lex had come over to her apartment, she hadn't slammed the door in his face. Quite the opposite, in fact.

She'd grabbed him, kicked the door shut, and shoved him onto the bed.

"Oh, I don't," Lex assured her. "I interpret it solely as one more sign of your loathing for me."

"As you should. I've never in my life hated anyone the way I hate you right now, Mr. Luthor."

"Ahhhh. Yes. Show me how much you hate me."

She had his cock in her hand, hard and hot, and at the words she shifted and impaled herself on him. Despite her rage, she was already wet, slick with cream, and both of them groaned in unison as she slowly slid down the thick shaft.

"Christ," he muttered, almost reverently. "You're going to kill me, Miss Sullivan."

"One of these days, I just may."

She closed her eyes, letting her body adjust to the feel of him deep inside, and then began to ride him, hard and fast. It was the only way she had of taking revenge right now, of reducing him to a quivering, shuddering, helpless mass.

She loved seeing him helpless. Afer everything he'd done to her, after the way he'd ruined her life and her career--

Well, she dreamed of seeing him helpless and at her mercy in a myriad of ways.

But this would have to do for a start.

She fucked him hard, feeling his hips rising to meet hers eagerly. He groaned, and reached for her, his thumb tracing circles on her clit. She felt heat blossom inside her, and cursed.

"Goddamn you, Lex-- goddamn you--"

"Strangely enough, I don't feel damned," he said softly. "Right now, I feel very close to eternal bliss."

Little quivers of pleasure raced through her. "Bastard-- son of a--"

"That's it," he whispered. "Come for me, Chloe. Just let yourself admit who the master is here. I'm in charge, and we both know it. Let yourself admit it."

She gritted her teeth, trying desperately to stave off her orgasm, but his talented thumb moved a little faster, and he thrust a little harder, and she couldn't fight it any longer. Her mouth fell open and her eyes squeezed shut, and she came in a rush of heat, her inner muscles spasming in long ripples that she could feel clear to her womb. She heard herself crying out, helpless in the face of the ecstasy he always brought her, and her cries of pleasure were mixed with more swear words.

"Fuck you, Lex-- fuck you--"

"Yes," he whispered. "Fuck me, Chloe."

And then he was coming, too, his voice raised in a roar of pleasure, his cock spasming deep inside her, gushing heat.

At last she fell forward, rolling to the side, and the two of them lay there, side by side, but carefully not touching.

"I hate you," she whispered harshly.

"I know you do."

"I'm going to take you down, Lex Luthor. I swear it."

"If anyone can do it, Miss Sullivan, it's you. I look forward to the battle, I assure you."

"I'll never stop fighting you, Lex. Never."

"I know you won't. But I also know that every battle between us will wind up like this one, Miss Sullivan. With me as the winner."

She closed her eyes against the sting of tears, knowing he was right. She'd lost this battle. So far, she'd lost every battle. Every time she fought him, she lost.

The knowledge infuriated her. But her impotent rage wasn't the reason tears had risen to her eyes. Not exactly.

Her eyes had filled with tears because she didn't hate him quite as much as she wanted to.

-The End-


Tonya said...

You write this beautifully f*ed up version of Chlex so very well. I adore it!

christina_kat said...

You write great Chlex. You are the only writer who I read Chlex stories because they are awesome :)
I think Chloe walks on a very dangerous territory now.

Elly said...

Thanks, guys! Glad you liked it. I only write Chlex rarely, but I always enjoy the wrongness of it!

DeeDee said...

Oh, dear. Everytime Chloe tangles with Lex, she falls further and further and gets deeper into trouble.

Yay for angry!sex!

I love hot, twisted, wrong relationships, and this is one of the best out there. Thanks, Elly!

CT said...

This was so very wrong...I think that's why I love it so much! Great work!

blackheart_me said...

Someone give me a fan!!

WOW, this was INTENSE! It's amazing how great you write Lex. Just sorta agreeing with her "hate" while they do all this kinky stuff. WOW,this is amazing.

Anonymous said...

i just read this now and all i can say is omg that was hot . elly i love the way you write chlex you bring them to life . i also love how you write chlark . keep up the wonderful job of writing .

cheerful_earl said...

Ah, Elly, you write such great Chlex. Wrong, hot, and kind of sad, but all kinds of good. :D

Anonymous said...

Amazing!!! So so hot
But I'm sad I couldn't find Under Cover

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