Saturday, June 27, 2009

Denial, Chapter 2

Across the seasons
Rating: Adult. If you're under eighteen, please go elsewhere now.
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"Okay," Chloe said briskly, putting a file down. "Let's head back to the Torch so we can check up on the effects of electromagnetism on the body."

"Okay," Clark agreed, and began to turn toward the door of the file room. At that moment, it opened. Clark froze, uncertain what to do. He could have blurred out so fast that whoever was opening the door wouldn't have had a clue he was ever here-- but Chloe didn't have superspeed, and he didn't particularly want her to know he did.

But if he was frozen, Chloe wasn't. Suddenly she grabbed him by his jacket and slammed him back against a tall file cabinet, her mouth on his, warm and soft and inviting.

Whoa. Sparks shot through his lips, setting off fireworks inside him. She reached down and grabbed at his arms, and he got the hint that he was supposed to put them around her.

He didn't mind.

He wrapped his arms around her waist, and her hands cradled his face, and the kiss got a little deeper, so that their tongues were brushing together, soft velvet caresses that made something dark and sensual ignite deep inside his body...

"What's going on?" The deep voice broke in-- very rudely, Clark thought. "What are you two doing in here?"

Chloe pulled away, running a hand through her hair as if to straighten it, and suddenly Clark remembered they had snuck into this file room to find out what was happening with Seth Nelson and his weird magnetic ability, not to make out.

"Nothing." Chloe offered the doctor a smile that conveyed fake innocence covering self-conscious guilt, and Clark had to admire what a terrific actress she was. Maybe you had to be a convincing actress to be a good undercover reporter. "Uh, sorry... we were just taking a break from candy striping..."

The white-haired doctor frowned at them. "This is a hospital, young lady. Volunteering is about helping patients, not about make-out sessions in the file room. Okay?"

Chloe smiled apologetically, as if she and Clark had snuck in here for the express purpose of locking lips. "Okay," she agreed meekly.

The doctor spun on his heel and headed out into the hall, looking irritated, and Chloe followed him. Clark stood there, one shoulder against the file cabinet, still feeling confused.

He'd had his tongue in Chloe's mouth. His tongue. In. Her. Mouth.

Not that he'd liked it or anything.

No. Of course he hadn't. In fact, French kissing was actually pretty icky when you thought about it. Who wanted to have someone's tongue in their mouth? It was just weird. Germy, even.

Yeah, that was it. Germy. Not something he was interested in, personally. Honestly, he couldn't understand what people saw in it. All those germs. Ick.

Straightening up, he rearranged his jacket. Chloe paused at the door and smiled at him, looking totally unaffected by their kiss.

"A good reporter always thinks on her feet," she said brightly, and disappeared into the corridor.

He stood there a moment longer, trying to get himself under control. Not that he had a hard-on or anything, but he did feel kind of... weird. Not aroused or anything. Just weird. Kind of, well, hot and twitchy and shivery.

Which was not at all the same as turned on.

Germs, he reminded himself firmly, and headed out into the hallway after her.

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DeeDee said...

'Germs', huh? Is that what the kids are calling it these days? ;-)

Clark's shock on realising that he was kissing Chloe with tongue was nothing short of priceless.

Great job so far, Elly!