Friday, June 26, 2009

Kiss On My List

Rating: PG-13
Based on a prompt by erinkatiemee: Five times Clark wished it were him kissing Chloe.

She was kissing the guy.

No, not just kissing. She was stuck to him like she was attached to him by suction cups. Like she was a freaking Hoover. Clark stared, and wondered if the two of them could be pried apart, or if they were just going to stay this way for the rest of eternity.

He'd come wandering into the Torch, saying, "Hey, Chloe, I need the..." and his words had died in his throat as he saw his best friend Chloe sucking face with some guy. Something unfamiliar spiked through him, something that felt very much like violent anger. He thought it might be jealousy, but he wasn't quite sure.

All he knew was that he wanted it to be him she was kissing.

At last Chloe pulled away from the guy, and shot a sexy smile in his direction. "Don't worry, Clark," she said. "We're done."

The guy stared at her, looking awestruck. "Can I have your number?"

"Why?" Chloe turned her back on him. "The thrill is gone."

Clark frowned, because it wasn't like Chloe to act that way. She wasn't the type to use guys and then toss them aside.

But on the flip side, he was glad that she wasn't all that interested in the guy. It saved him from having to pound the guy through the floor.

Oh, my God, he thought, shocked. I am jealous.

He wanted to be the one Chloe was kissing.


He'd danced with Lana. She'd shown up, and he'd been shocked by her appearance. For just a moment, it had been like he was a freshman again, dancing with the girl of his dreams in his arms.

But when the music stopped, he remembered he wasn't in love with Lana any more. He was in love with...

Well, no one.

He'd meant to sit out the prom altogether, but Lois had talked him into it. Actually, as it turned out it had been a wannabe prom queen who was inhabiting Lois' body-- but that wasn't the point. The point was that on the drive over here, he'd started thinking about Chloe being here. He'd started thinking about dancing with Chloe.

And he'd liked the idea.

When he'd walked in, he'd been so happy to see her that he'd given her a big, stupid, beaming smile. She'd smiled back, and he'd thought maybe... maybe...

But then all that stuff had happened with the wannabe prom queen, who'd taken over Chloe's body, and then his, and then he'd been a little distracted by his past walking in through the door.

But this wasn't the past. It was the present. And Lana, pretty though she was, wasn't really the girl he wanted to dance with.

He said goodbye to Lana, ignoring the wistful look in her eyes, and went in search of Chloe.

He followed the sound of her heartbeat to one of the health classrooms, and found her.

Attached to another guy's face.

He stood there, staring, rage and another, hotter emotion boiling inside him. Jealousy, he thought, remembering the emotion he'd felt once before in a similar situation. He was green-eyed with it.

Well, he was always green-eyed. But still.

He stood there staring, rage pounding through him with every beat of his heart. He felt almost betrayed, except, well, he'd been dancing with Lana, so he had absolutely no reason to feel that way. He didn't even know who this guy was. He was just some random dude.

Clark wanted to kill him.

He stood there, clenching his fists, for a long moment longer, then turned and stalked toward the door.

As he stormed out of the room, he managed to avoid ripping the door off its hinges.


More to come...

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