Thursday, August 20, 2009

By That Sin, Chapter 3

Clark/Lex angst, futurefic
Rating: Adult. If you're under eighteen, please go elsewhere now.
Disclaimer: These characters belong to the CW and DC Comics, not to me.
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Lex continued to stroke the head of Clark's erection, in gentle, teasing circles. But for the wings, he thought, Clark's body seemed an exact replica of the body that had been his on Earth. Despite all his research, he still wasn't exactly sure how an angel's body, consisting of pure energy, could be transformed into a physical housing under some circumstances. But Clark seemed human in all particulars, even though Lex knew perfectly well that he wasn't.

At the touch of Lex's hand, Clark leaned his head back, all his muscles straining, and his breath came in hard gasps.

You would do this to me against my will, Lex?

"Is it against your will?" Lex caressed a little faster, noting the way precome beaded at the tip. Clark's angel body wasn't all that different from his original body, apparently. He wondered what Clark was like when he wasn't bound. A creature of pure energy and power. What must life be like for him in that other plane.

I am bound, Lex. I would not be here were I not.

"You wouldn't be corporeal if you weren't bound," Lex pointed out. "If I hadn't bound you, you couldn't be here."

That is not precisely true. My kind have visited this plane before, on rare occasions. But it is wrong to force me into this form, Lex. And in a lab. Lex could hear the fear and loathing in his "voice" when he said the last word. Let me go!

"No," Lex said inexorably, ignoring the sympathy and guilt that stabbed at him. He hadn't spent years on this project to be turned aside now. "You've spent ten years without physical pleasure, Clark. You must miss it a great deal."

You know nothing of what my existence is like now.

"No, I don't," Lex admitted. "But I think you must miss this life sometimes. I think you must miss..." His hand slipped down, encircling the engorged cock. "This."

Clark jolted with pleasure, and his body arched, every muscle taut. A low keening sound echoed in Lex's head. It took him a moment to realize it was Clark's silent voice, moaning in submission.

The glow around his body-- his halo, Lex thought brightly-- seemed to brighten. Lex worked his hand harder, and Clark thrust against his hand in a hungry, eager motion. Lex heard his breath coming faster and faster, and knew that Clark was on the verge of climax already.

Just as Clark's body arched violently, he stopped the motion of his hand and let go.

Clark stood there, trembling, his eyes veiled by his long lashes. There was a long, long silence. At last he spoke.

This is the greatest sin that one such as I can commit, Lex. For us to involve ourselves with humans... it is wrong.

"How can love be wrong?" Lex asked. "I thought love was the province of the angels."

There is no love between us, Lex. There is only lust.

Lex reached up and brushed another kiss over his lips. "Are you sure?" he whispered.

He felt rather than heard Clark's sigh. No matter what our feelings may be, this is wrong, he answered. I am not permitted to involve myself with those I have left behind. They must be allowed to move on without me. If the dead were permitted to return to their living loved ones-- it would be cruel, Lex. No one on Earth would ever move on.

"Now that I have this technology," Lex said softly, "no one will have to."

So that is your intention. The height of your ambition, your craving for power. To have control over the dead.

"You make it sound as if I want to create an army of zombies," Lex said impatiently. "All I want is to be able to bring back people's loved ones. Is that so wrong?"

Do not dissemble with me, Lex. You cannot pretend to me you have not realized that having heavenly beings in your command would bring you great power.

Lex glared at him. The truth was, he'd been so focused on getting Clark back that he'd hardly thought of such a thing. And yet, at the back of his mind, he had to admit the thought had been there.

Maybe, he thought grimly, all Clark's enmity over the years had been justified. Maybe he was as much of an archvillain as Clark had claimed.

Or maybe, he thought defensively, he was a man who wanted his love back, and Clark was merely making him doubt his own motives, as he always had.

"No," he said, more firmly. "I don't want power, Clark. I only want you."

You cannot have me, Lex. It is not permitted.

"I don't care what's permitted," Lex growled. "I make my own rules, Clark. I always have."

He wrapped his hand around Clark's cock again, noticing it was still hot and throbbing despite all their arguing, and pumped hard. Clark's body went taut, and his wings shuddered violently, and a long sound of tortured ecstasy sounded in Lex's head as Clark climaxed in a long rush, his come spattering all over Lex's silk shirt.

If Lex closed his eyes, he could almost believe this was the boy he'd loved, exactly the same as he'd always been. The scents of his sweat and come, the noises he made, the way he thrust so eagerly into Lex's palm... nothing had changed.

But when he opened his eyes, he saw the wrathful green eyes, and the dark wings.

This was Clark, his Clark.

And yet... it wasn't.

More to come....


Tracey L said...

I am LOVING this story. Clex is amazing, first of all, and this crazy supernatural twist has me on the edge of my seat! Well, couch. This is so unique, and I can't wait to watch it unfold. I'm also eager to know how this new Clark will be different from the old one.


Anonymous said...

Whew! Good stuff - hot and sexy. I'm really intrigued by where you are taking these two. You've captured the heart of the CLEX dilemna - they want each other and there's always things making it impossible.

DeeDee said...

I like the way Clark's thoughts/speech has a more formal quality to it. And you've captured both of them perfectly - Clark on the offensive, accusing Lex of evil schemes (as always), and Lex walking that borderline of good & evil so skillfully.

Great update, Elly - thanks! :)