Monday, September 14, 2009

Triad, Chapter 3

Season 9
Rating: Adult. If you're under eighteen, please go elsewhere now.
Warning: This one is offbeat and pretty raunchy, full of dirty!wrong!sex. Don't say I didn't warn you.
Disclaimer: These characters belong to the CW and DC Comics, not to me.

Wow. Did it always feel this good?

Suddenly she was very, very envious of guys.

She moved her hand-- well, Clark's hand-- very slowly, and with every movement, pleasure poured through her. It wasn't unlike the pleasure she experienced when she touched her own body, except it was more demanding somehow. More urgent.

She couldn't read Clark's mind, but she could sense him trying to take control of their body. She didn't let him, because he was a guy, and he'd probably just grab himself and be done in ten seconds. That was how guys operated, in her experience. Wham, bam, where's the TV remote?

This might not be anything out of the ordinary for him, but in a weird way this was her very first orgasm, and she was damned if she'd rush it.

She pushed the boxers aside, wrapping her hand around his erection and sliding her hand up and down, exploring the incredibly thick shaft-- she wasn't exactly an expert, but they weren't usually quite that big, were they?-- and the swollen, velvety head, which was rapidly growing slick and wet with precome. Her-- his-- no, their thumb brushed over the head, right over the slit, and Clark whimpered.

"Chloe. We can't. We shouldn't. We're just friends, and we shouldn't be having..."

"Sex? Is this sex, Clark?" She moved their thumb again, and felt his cock just kind of jump in their hand. "If we're in the same body, I don't think it counts as sex."

"It totally counts as sex. I really think we shouldn't... ahhhh..."

"I told you," Kal said. He-- she-- was avidly watching. Chloe found it weird to see her body standing there, staring at them with that intent expression. "Clark is a prude. That's why I had to get out. He's all fantasy, and no reality."

"It's just... this situation... it's not, you know, right..."

"Oh, sure," Kal mocked. "But if Chloe came up to you in her own body and offered to give you a hand job, you'd go right along with it. Come on, farmboy, who are you kidding? We all know you'd run away screaming."

"Unnnhhh. It's just that Chloe is friend..."

"No, she's the woman you think about constantly," Kal said. "The woman you've imagined screwing a thousand different ways."

Chloe felt a warmth inside her that had nothing to do with the motion of their hand. "A thousand? Really?"

"At least. You wouldn't believe some of the things this guy has come up with."

"Kal." Clark's voice was tight. "Shut the fuck up."

"Hell, no. I'm tired of being shut away in the dark and never being allowed to contribute to the discussion. I'm tired of you ignoring every thought I have."

"Every thought you have revolves around sex!"

"And this is a problem how?"

Chloe sighed, and moved their hand a little harder. "Would the two of you please shut up? I'm trying to enjoy this..."

"I could make you enjoy it more," Kal suggested. "Remember the blow job I offered? The offer still stands."

"You can't use Chloe's body that way!" Clark sounded indignant.

"Sure I can. That's actually why I took it, moron."

"No. That's wrong, and I won't let you desecrate her that way..."

"Oh, for Christ's sake, you're so fucking predictable. So noble. So protective. So freakin' pure. Okay, fine, what if I have her permission? How about it, sweet cheeks? Want to come so hard the top of your head blows off?"

Chloe thought about it. "I don't know, Kal. That really does sound a little kinky. I mean, getting a blow job from... myself?"

"It's not you," Kal said persuasively. "It's me. And believe me, it'll be great."

Chloe boggled at him. "Are you and Clark experts on giving blow jobs? I didn't realize-- I mean, I have to admit, I always thought maybe you and Lex..."

Clark groaned, and Kal erupted in laughter.

"No, no," s/he said when s/he'd regained control. "I've never given one, but remember that summer I was in charge in Metropolis? I was on the receiving end of a ton of 'em."

"Clark Kent. You bad boy. You told me you never..."

"Shut up, Kal. Just shut... the fuck... up."

"In case you haven't figured it out yet," Kal said cheerfully, "Clark lies like a rug. To you, to his mom, to himself. He wants everyone to think he's a nice boy, but what goes on inside his head is so dirty it scares him."

"Everyone is like that," Clark muttered defensively.

"True," Chloe agreed. "And if we're being honest here-- and thanks to Kal, it seems like we are-- I have to admit I've had quite a few fantasies about you too, Clark."

He moaned, and their erection pulsed again.

"Especially about going down on you," she said softly, still sliding their hand up and down. "I've fantasized about that a thousand times."

A terrible tension grew rapidly inside their body, and she realized she was about to experience a male orgasm. She stopped the motion of their hand just in time, despite Clark's sudden frantic efforts to take over their body.

"The farmboy's fantasized about it just as much," Kal said helpfully.

She considered the matter. It occurred to her that she might never get another chance to see what sex was like from inside a guy's head. It was the sort of thing any reporter worth her salt would want to investigate. It was the chance of a lifetime.

"All right, then," she said. "You have my permission. Show us what it's like."


"Clark," she said with a sigh. "Just shut up and enjoy the ride."


Somehow I knew our intrepid reporter would go for this. She can't be in a new situation without exploring every aspect of it. It's why she's going to be a great reporter someday, and why the farmboy is going to be writing classifieds for the rest of his life. She's wildly curious, and he's scared to death of anything new.

Of course, usually the farmboy has me to help him along. But right now I'm out of jail, and enjoying the hell out of it, I must say.

It's true what they say. Blondes do have more fun.

There's this strange heat in my body, low down, and I feel really... I don't know, all prickly, like there's an itch down there that needs to be scratched. It's not like being hard, not at all, but it's awesome.

Also, these panties? Are like totally soaked.

Anyway, I'm just as interested in exploring new things as the reporter is, so I drop back down on my knees, despite Clark's half-hearted moans of protest, and take him-- her-- them-- in my mouth.

It's big. It's quite a mouthful. I've always been hung like a stallion-- and yeah, I figure that's me, not Clark, because if it was up to Clark he'd never use our dick for anything but peeing-- and it's really kind of strange. But I flash on that long succession of women who sucked me off in Metropolis that summer, and remember what they did, and before long I've settled down to a nice easy rhythm.

The reporter seems to like it. I figure Clark is praying for our immortal souls, or something.

But then the moans start, and it sounds like Clark, not Chloe.

And he's definitely not praying.


Fuck. Fuck.

This was wrong in so many ways he couldn't count them all. Kal was right. He'd fantasized about Chloe doing this to him a million times.

But this wasn't Chloe. It was Kal. Part of him. It really was like incest.

Or maybe a really intense form of masturbation.

Whatever. There were no words in the English language to describe something that was humanly impossible, but what he did know was that it was wrong.

Which probably accounted for why he was enjoying it so damn much. Clark knew that deep down, he wasn't all that different from anyone else. He enjoyed the forbidden, the wrong, the perverse.

And this was two wrongnesses for the price of one. He wasn't supposed to be doing this with Chloe, either. Chloe was his friend. His friend. Just his friend, and he wasn't supposed to go so crazy at the feel of her mouth sliding up and down his shaft, sucking hard, running her tongue around and around the head--

Especially since it wasn't Chloe. Chloe was right here, moaning along with him. He was being sucked off by himself. Sort of. Except not exactly.

God, this was bizarre.

But hot. Totally hot. Because even if it wasn't Chloe, it was her gorgeous, beautiful, sweet mouth, taking him so deep inside, moving faster and faster until he just couldn't stand it any more...

His cock shuddered, then spasmed in a long, hard climax. He threw back his head and let the pleasure roll over him in an endless wave. And when it was over, he gasped frantically for oxygen. His knees were weak, every muscle in his body trembled, and he could barely stand.

He'd never felt anything better.

"I'm going to hell," he muttered.

"You'll like it there," Kal assured him.

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DeeDee said...

DAYUM! *fans self*

Sheesh, woman, when you said hot!dirty!raunchy!wrong sex, you weren't kidding!!! :-O

"The reporter seems to like it. I figure Clark is praying for our immortal souls, or something.

But then the moans start, and it sounds like Clark, not Chloe.

And he's definitely not praying."

Best lines so far!

This is a crazy, crzy situation, and it's so bizarrely hot it's amazing, and I LOVE it.

Thanks for posting so soon, again!

Chris said...

Awesome and very hot! Thanks again for your sharing your amazing imagination.