Monday, September 14, 2009

Triad, Chapter 4

Season 9
Rating: Adult. If you're under eighteen, please go elsewhere now.
Warning: This one is offbeat and pretty raunchy, full of dirty!wrong!sex. Don't say I didn't warn you.
Disclaimer: These characters belong to the CW and DC Comics, not to me.

"Wow," Chloe said. "That was amazing."

Clark didn't usually talk much after sex, but it figured that Chloe would. The girl never quit talking, after all. She was a talking machine.

"Unnhhh," he answered. His muscles were limp, like overcooked spaghetti, and all his bones seemed to have turned into jelly. It had definitely been amazing.

"It's different from a female orgasm," she went on enthusiastically. "I mean, it feels great, but it's like, I don't know, more release, because of all the come. The pressure just got unbearable, and then when we came... wow. I could feel it like all the way down to our balls."

"Chloe. You talk too much."

"Well, excuse me for being interested. How many people have gotten the chance to experience sex from the other gender's perspective? I may be the first one, Clark. The very first. Too bad I can't write an article about it..."

"Chloe. You are totally ruining the afterglow."

"The farmboy has a point," Kal said. "You're talking too much, reporter. Anyway... you guys have to do me now."

Clark's limp muscles suddenly went stiff. "What??!"

"Excuse me," Kal drawled, "but after I did that for you-- and I even swallowed, did you notice?-- you sure as hell owe me an orgasm or two."

"I can't do that!" Clark felt his cheeks heating. "I mean, you're in Chloe's body! I can't possibly--"

"Yes," the other voice in his body agreed. "That would really be perverse. I mean, I can't have sex with my own body. That's just... weird."

"So let Clark drive," Kal said impatiently. "I really don't care, as long as I get off."

"But I can't! You're not Chloe, you're... me!"

"Except a whole lot sexier," Kal drawled.

"He's got a point," Chloe said.

"The two of you be quiet," Clark said. "You're confusing me."

"Farmboy, you were born confused. Look, it's simple. I gave the two of you an orgasm for the ages, and now you owe me. Pay up."

"But I can't-- I can't--"

"Just pretend I'm Chloe." Kal stripped off his-- her-- shirt, and stood posing in only a lacy bra and jeans, thrusting Chloe's substantial breasts forward. Clark gulped.


Kal lifted his/her hands to the gorgeous globes of Chloe's breasts, and began to stroke the rosy pink nipples. They grew harder than ever as Clark watched, and he swallowed again.

"Oh, God," he said.

"Thanks," Chloe's voice said. "They are pretty nice, aren't they?"

"They're beautiful, Chlo. They're as gorgeous as I imagined they would be. They're the most beautiful breasts on the planet."

"And you want to touch them," Kal said. "So go ahead. If I'm going to have tits, I'd like to know what it feels like to have someone play with 'em."

"Chloe... uh..."

"Go ahead," her voice said softly. "I don't mind."

He reached out with both hands and cupped her breasts in his hands. They felt heavy and warm, and he let his own thumbs caress the nipples. They tightened even more under the attention.

"Oh, Clark." Her voice-- his own voice-- spoke in a low murmur. "I imagined that so many times, and I wish... I wish..."

"Hot damn," Kal said. "Farmboy, this feels awesome. Trust me on this. If I ever come back to your body, we totally need to grow breasts."

"Forget it, Kal. I'm just going to stick with my original equipment, okay?"

"Suit yourself. But believe me, you don't know what you're missing."

"Could you shut up, please? I'm kind of trying to make love to Chloe here, not-- not--"

"Not your male alter ego? Yeah, I can see how my talking could be a little distracting."

"Then shut up, will you?"

"Take it up a notch, and I will."

Clark sighed, and bent his knees, leaning forward and brushing a kiss over the pink nipple, and then drawing it into his mouth.

"Oh, yeah, baby."

"Shut up," Clark mumbled around his mouthful of nipple. "Chloe would never say that."

"Of course I would," his mouth responded. "Oh, yeah, baby!"

"Chloe..." He sighed, and decided to roll with it. Because weird as this was, Chloe seemed to be enjoying it. God knew he was enjoying it. And Kal-- well, Kal was Kal. He enjoyed pretty much everything.

He got the bra off, by the simple expedient of ripping it to shreds, and cupped her breasts in his hands, admiring them. They were beautiful. They were hot. He wanted to look at them every day for the rest of his life.

Preferably while they were being worn by Chloe rather than Kal.

"Come on, farmboy," Kal said impatiently. "You already got yours, but I'm about to explode here. Get moving."

Clark scowled darkly, and ripped off Kal's jeans. No... Chloe's jeans.

Oh, whatever. What mattered was that Chloe's body was pretty much naked now. As it should be, all the time. Chloe should never, ever wear clothes. He studied her body for a moment, then ripped off the little scrap of fabric that was her panties, too.

"Oooh, Claaaark," Kal mocked. "You're so strong and manly."

"Look, do you want this or not? Because the more you open your big mouth, the more I remember you're not Chloe, and the harder this gets."

"It is getting harder, isn't it? Oooh, Claaaark, you're so biiiig."

"That is not what I meant, and you know it. God, I so need to get you back in my head, where I can keep you muzzled."

"Thanks, but no thanks. I'm tired of being repressed. I demand my freedom. I have rights, you know."

"Kal, last time you got loose you took to knocking over banks. Anyway, I don't think an alter ego has any rights. You're really not supposed to get out and walk around on your own." He sighed. "Normal people don't have this problem."

"Yeah, well, being normal is overrated," Chloe put in.

"I agree. You should listen to the reporter more often, Clark. She's smart. Also..." S/he jiggled his/her breasts a bit. "She's hot as hell."

"Yeah," Clark said with a sigh. "Believe me, I noticed."


So here's the sitch. Clark and Chloe grabbed me and carried me upstairs, and now they-- mostly Clark, I think-- have me down on the bed, and they're having their wicked way with me. First Clark did some things to me with his tongue that you would not believe-- and fuck breasts, we have got to get a clitoris-- and now he's holding my arms over my head with one hand while he fucks me.

You can't imagine what this feels like. On the few occasions when I've gotten out, I've been incredibly powerful-- probably the strongest man in the world. When I'm in Clark's body, I could kill with a touch of my finger, or throw a tractor trailer a mile without thinking twice about it.

But now I'm in Chloe's body, and Clark's the one with all the power. He's holding me down. Dominating me.

And I like it.

I can't believe how much I like it.

His body is sliding in and out of mine-- well, okay, it's not really mine, but neither was that Lamborghini I stole that summer. But possession is nine-tenths of the law, and right now this is my body. And I'm all slick and wet, in a way I've never been before, and the feeling of his cock moving inside me, and all that friction... holy shit. It's just amazing.

I can feel the inside of my body pulsing, and I'm close, so damn fucking close, but Clark is panting and thrusting hard, and I know he's almost there. He's going to leave me hanging-- and isn't that just like a guy?

Damn him. Sometimes he's a lot more like me than he ought to be.

I hear him gasping for breath, and I know it's about to be over, and I'm not going to get what I want. I squirm beneath him and do something I've never done before in my life. I beg.

"Please... please..."

He reaches between our bodies and strokes my-- Chloe's-- clit with his thumb, and suddenly a huge wave of warmth breaks over me. I can feel my insides rippling, in long, violent spasms, and I wail and cry out as my hips go crazy.

God, it's good. It's not like a guy orgasm. In some ways it's better, especially when his thumb keeps stroking and he keeps slamming into me and I come again, and again.

And then he's gasping and cussing-- cussing, even without me in his head, go figure-- and I feel him jerking inside me, feel the spurt of heat deep inside.

And then suddenly there's someone else behind his eyes, someone who's smart enough to take advantage of my sudden lassitude, my helpless limp exhaustion.

Oh, shit. Damn it. I knew I should have run for it when I had the chance.

But it's too late now. His big hand reaches down and grabs mine, pressing both our hands against the pendant. And then he snaps the pendant's delicate chain, and flings it far away.

And then--

And then--



He blinked, lifting his head and looking down into her hazel eyes. The cool, sardonic sneer was gone. She offered him a sweet, hesitant smile.

"Chlo?" he said, disbelieving. "Are you back?"

She nodded. "It was the pendant," she said softly. "I'm not sure how it worked, but it was the pendant. The red stone must be a little chip of red K, so Kal could come out and play, and the other stone must have allowed him to switch bodies with me somehow. When we touched it at the same time..."

"Yeah. I get it. So he's the reason I felt like I needed to buy the pendant for you. He influenced me somehow, tricked me. That makes sense, in a weird Smallville kind of way." He blinked at her, suddenly realizing he was still buried deep inside her. His cheeks flamed.

"Oh, my God. Chlo..."

"It's all right," she said softly, reaching up and stroking his hair, which he noticed was damp with sweat. "I mean, we both wanted this, didn't we? Neither of us wanted to admit it, but we really wanted it."

"Yeah," he said gruffly. "I wanted it. I wanted you."

She smiled. "And all those fantasies Kal mentioned? Was he telling the truth?"

"Uh... maybe."

She looked pleased, and wiggled beneath him. "I'm pretty hot and sweaty. How about we go try out that shower fantasy?"

"Chlo. Are you really sure you want to..."

"Why? Don't you?"

"Oh, God, yes, I do."

"Then don't think so much. You've got Kal back inside you. Listen to him. What does he think you should do?"

Clark paused for a moment, then grinned down at her.

"He thinks I should screw your brains out."

"Kal," she said solemnly, "is a smart guy."


So I didn't get out, at least not for long. But I don't mind so much. It's not so damn boring in here any more. The farmboy and the reporter do it everywhere. And I mean everywhere. The Daily Planet supply room, the Watchtower, the fields, the barn. And once, on a dark night I found particularly memorable, they did it in the phone booth on the corner of Church and Fifth in downtown Metropolis.

The reporter is a good influence on the farmboy. And so am I. He's letting me have a little more say these days, which is one reason why things are so much more interesting. Of course, he should have listened to me a whole lot earlier. If he had, we'd have spent less time watching old X-Files reruns, and more time having sex.

But I have to give Clark credit. He and the reporter are making up for lost time. We never sit around and watch TV any more. We're too busy screwing.

I get why he was scared of falling for Chloe, though. Finally, I get it. Sure, she's blonde and gorgeous and stacked, and he's had it bad for her for a very long time. But in some ways, she's a lot like me. Fearless, curious, and sensual. She isn't afraid to get a little reckless in the pursuit of fun, and that scares the bejesus out of the Boy Scout.

But with Chloe's help, and with mine, he's finally learning to enjoy life. We're having so much fun that I don't even want to get out of here any more.

Strangely enough, there's nowhere I'd rather be.

-The End-

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DeeDee said...

Elly, you are a freakin' genius. This is the funniest, freakiest, sexiest thing I've read all year!

I kinda felt sorry for Kal when Chloe rumbled his brilliant plan, but it was awesome once everyone was back were they should be (and that includes Clark in Chloe!) :-D

Thanks for all the laughs - I really needed cheering up, and this fic was the perfect tonic. Brava! *cheers wildly*


DeeDee said...

Oh before I forget - the Chlarkification of the ICONIC! phonebooth? Made of WIN. I love your cheeky wit! ;-)

Chris said...

Very hot! Loved it and they finally got together! Thank you like always!


inked said...

"He's got a point," Chloe said.

"The two of you be quiet," Clark said. "You're confusing me."

"Farmboy, you were born confused."

Funny, HOT, cracky, I think you need to write more of this stuff, Elly, it's too good to miss out on :D

Yay for Chlark screwing like bunnies! :D

BkWurm1 said...

Wow! That plot line blows me away...pun not intended. That was wonderfully twisted and the ending was perfect.

Oh, and the PHONEBOTH!

Ah, I love a happy ending. Snort, pun intended.

Anonymous said...

wow you did it again, i loved it. and very cool idea btw

Melissa said...

yesssssssssssss those last few sentances, truer words have never been spoken...he's a afraid to be w/ Chloe because she's so fearless and daring and that scares him....

loved this whole story...weird, but good!

AV said...

Well, your a genius. I bow to your greatness! Wow, Just Wow! That was plain hot. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Meg said...

Thanks very much, AV. You're very kind:-).