Saturday, September 05, 2009


Clark/Chloe (hints of Clark/Lois and Ollie/Lois), Lois, Martha
Season 1 and futurefic
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: These characters belong to the CW and DC Comics, not to me.
Author's Note: I meant this to be a simple drabble, but it grew. The first three parts are drabbles (each 100 words) and the last two parts are triple drabbles (each 300 words).


I look stupid. Dad was right to call this a penguin suit. I look like a tall, skinny penguin. Chloe's gonna laugh at me.

I wish I could have driven. I know it's old-fashioned of me, but I would have liked to pick her up. She deserves to be picked up. Then again, she doesn't deserve an old truck, either. She deserves a coach and four, or a big limousine.

But even though I look like I should live in Antarctica, even though I don't have a romantic mode of transportation for her... I really think tonight's gonna be great.

It's too pink. I knew it would be too pink. It looked just fine in the store, but now, in the daylight, it's just too darn pink.

He doesn't seem to mind, though. The way he's looking at me... wow. It's like he never realized I had two X chromosomes till tonight.

The big moron.

Finally he's looking at me the way I want him to. About time.

He slides on my corsage, and I pin on his boutonnière, and the whole time, we don't stop looking in each other's eyes.


I really think tonight's going to be great.

My goodness, Clark looks so grown up.

It's strange to look at your son, who was so recently small enough to hold in your lap, and realize that's he's growing up.

And Chloe. I remember the first time she came to the farm, all skinny legs and big eyes. She's all grown up too.

The two of them have grown up together.

And tonight, they take another step into adulthood together. They're so hopeful, so expectant. So excited. It reminds me of the first time Jonathan and I went to a dance together.

I hope tonight is wonderful for them.

Geez, what a geek Smallville was.

Well, he still is. But who knew he was ever so skinny?

This picture of them at the Spring Formal is disgustingly adorable. The two of them together look... well, they were definitely cute together, even if my cuz is so short she had to crane her neck to talk to him.

But this was the distant past, and they're not even talking any more.

I hate that. I hate seeing them both so sad. Smallville stares at the phone about twenty times an hour, and every time I see Chloe she's turned so... I don't know, brittle. It's like she's hiding her loneliness behind this cold, hard shell of ice.

Hey, that was pretty poetic. My writing's coming along, huh?

But back on topic. I'm sitting here looking through Chloe's old photo albums, and I see how often she and Clark are next to each other. I mean, yeah, sure, they went to the spring formal together. But then there are pictures of them with birthday cakes, hanging out at the Torch, swimming at Crater Lake, riding horses...

It's like they've shared their whole lives together.

And now they're broken apart. They don't even talk. I wish I could do something to fix that. I wish I could do something to fix them. Even if it means... even if it means I can't ever...

Okay, I admit, I have kind of a thing for Smallville. It didn't take me long to figure out he was the Red-Blue Blur. I'm not dumb, you know. And who wouldn't fall for a hero?

We've been out on a few dates. But they didn't go so great. It was like something was missing.

And looking through these photo albums, I see what it was.

I'm not Chloe.
My goodness, Clark is grown up. And so is Chloe.

They look perfect together as they walk down the aisle arm in arm, smiling. Clark wears a perfectly fitted tuxedo that, despite his complaints, does not cause him to bear even a slight resemblance to a penguin. Chloe is draped in a flowing ivory satin gown. They both wear brilliant, delighted smiles.

And I can't help but notice that Lois and Oliver, the maid of honor and the best man, look gorgeous together, too.

It's a beautiful, beautiful wedding. I was worried it might never happen, because Clark kept telling me he and Chloe weren't friends any more. But whenever we talked, I could hear the grief in his voice, and I hoped... I hoped...

Thankfully, the two of them have Lois and Ollie for friends. Lois and Ollie managed to trap the two of them together somehow-- it's not easy to trap Clark, but perhaps he didn't struggle too hard to escape-- and when Clark and Chloe emerged, they were friends again.

And more.

We all follow the happy couple outside the church. I stand in the crowd, watching my son and his wife dash through a hail of birdseed toward a waiting limousine. They're still smiling, happy, bright smiles of pure joy.

And then I glance back, seeing Lois and Ollie gazing into each other's eyes, oblivious to everything else.

I'm happy for all of them. A long, long time ago, I remember, I stood on the porch of our old house, and wished that the spring formal would be a wonderful night for Clark and Chloe. Sadly, it wasn't a happy ending.

But this-- this is the happiest ending I could imagine.

I hope tonight is wonderful for them.

And all the days and nights to come.

-The End-


worias said...

Awwwwwwww!!! that was incredibly sweet and I the outside observTions when they are broken up. And I also loved Martha, I really miss that kind of wisdom and guidance she always brought to Clark's life. You have alway's been one of most important chlark writer's and fans to me and I'm glad that e en with the "dark days" of the show proper you are able to turn out such wonderful quality work!

Anonymous said...

Aww...I needed some sweet Chlark after an insane week. Thank you for sharing this!

Oh, and happy very-belated birthday. Too many 14-hour days at the office this week meant I pretty much missed the 31st through the 4th. I hope it was wonderful!


Anonymous said...

I loved this! The Lois chapter was my favorite. I really do believe Lois would do anything for Chloe and I wish the show would show something like this, have her come to a realization like this.

inked said...

Aww! Love, especially Martha's thoughts. Great exercise, interesting take on it all.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Elly, this is beautiful! I'd never know they were drabbles if you hadn't said so. I'd say Lois's observations are my favorite. I love your Lois voice. Too bad SV!Lois isn't the same as yours.

Sue Denim said...

I liked Martha's the best. I like how everyone around Clark and Chloe knew they had a communication problem and how they got Clark and Chloe to resolve it.

Yes, Martha wants Clark and Chloe. Lois has never even been a blip.

Anonymous said...

Cute story! Loved how you used episode Tempess and Bride! The Lois and Martha naration was great! Happy endings, loved it!

Chris said...

Lovely! If only...

Anonymous said...

I love the story especailly now with all the spoilers concerning Chloe and Clark's relationship we need fanfics like this. I love your writing it always makes me happy inside. Also I love how you write Lois it is great even Lois notices their relationship.