Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Gift, Chapter 5

Clark/Chloe, Clark/Lois (Chlark wins in the end), Oliver/Lois
Season 9
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: These characters belong to the CW and DC Comics, not to me.
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Clark went through the door before Chloe had a chance to lock it. She frowned at him, crossing her arms over her chest.

"What the hell is your problem?"

"I already told you," he answered steadily, closing the door quietly behind him despite his impulse to slam it. "I'm in love with you. And you just shut the door in my face."

"I don't love you." She sounded as if she were making an effort at defiance, but her voice trembled. "I don't love anyone. I'm not ever going to love anyone again, Clark. Everyone I've ever loved has... has left me, and I'm not... I'm not..."

He stared at her for a long moment. "Chloe," he said softly, "I'm still here."

"No, you're not." Her voice quavered more than before. "I never see you any more, you're always with Lois, you don't even call..."

It dawned on him that in his effort to give her space, not to crowd her too much, he'd hurt her very badly. He'd made her feel like he didn't even want her as a friend any more, let alone...

Damn it, he was an idiot. He'd been afraid to come to her for fear of rejection, so he'd made her feel rejected.

What an ass he was.

"I'm sorry," he said, very humbly. "I thought you wanted to be left alone for a while..."

"Oh, sure." Her voice was bitter. "I've just loved watching Lois take my place in your life. Best friend, co-worker, even sidekick to your superhero..."

"Lois is not my sidekick, Chlo. Every time she tries it, she winds up getting kidnapped or thrown off a building or something. If I let her do sidekick stuff for me, I wouldn't have time to help anyone else. I'd be saving her all the time."

"Still. You've been calling her. I mean, as the Blur, but still. Calling her to talk about things."

He looked at her, saw the anger in her eyes, and beneath it grief. Grief not for Jimmy, but for him. He swallowed.

"I didn't think you wanted to talk to me," he said, very softly.

She glared at him.

"You were wrong."


"God, Lois. I missed this. I missed you."

She pressed up against Ollie in the back seat of his limo-- good thing it had dark windows-- and smiled against his throat. "You didn't have to miss me," she whispered. "All you had to do was come to me. I've been here, all this time. Waiting for you."

"I know." His voice was muffled against her hair. "But some of the things I've done-- I've gone so far wrong, Lois, I can't forgive myself, let alone ask you to forgive me..."

"It's all right," she murmured, trying to offer comfort. There was a terrible despair in his voice that cut into her heart. "Whatever you've done, it's all right."

"No." He sounded choked, almost tearful. "I... I killed a man, Lois. I killed Lex Luthor."

She froze in his arms, then drew away, pulling her suit around her to cover her exposed flesh.

"I think," she said, "we need to talk first."

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Tonya said...

You've got me on the edge of my seat waiting to see what you do with these two couples. Great work!

MonicaOP said...

Why!!!! Why do you have to make a fic that makes me like this Lois?? Of course is not the Lois on the trainwreck that is Smallville but still!!! Why do you have to make her logical and kind of intelligent!!! They never do that!!!!!!

Ok... I admit it, you can write well enough to make me like her.. and to make me like Ollie again... and not to make me want to strange Clark in sight... and to want to hug Chloe.. ok I always want to give Chloe a hug.. but still!!

This is an amazing story, you better finish it in a good way ok :D, hugs!! And tons of thanks for the amazing writing!!!

chloista4ever said...

please post more I'm getting addicted?

wavedancer80 said...

When you write Smallville, you can make even Lois likable!

I love your writing and characterisations, they are sympathetic and real and I feel invested in them.

I've given up entirely on the show version of Smallville, but I'm very glad that talented people are still telling the 'real' Smallville stories, which are a pleasure to read.

Thank you :-)

Anonymous said...

Whoa that was great Elly! Oliver telling Lois about killing Lex! I can't wait to hear her full response.

Clark and Chloe are making a progress...can't wait for more!

meemalee said...

Ack - cliffhanger!

More please Elly!

fersuregurl said...

I love this! Which is no wonder since I love all of your stories <3 Keep writing, hun!!

Anonymous said...

I love how you made that Clark giving Chloe distance was pushing her away. Also having Clark realize that it was hurting Chloe. Then Oliver confessing to Lois how he killed Lex that was great. Can't wait to read more.

BkWurm1 said...

Points for Clark for not just walking away when Chloe shut the door in his face. And Chloe, oh Chloe, you just break my heart. "I'm never going to love anyone again" Clark, you have a lot to make up for, but I think you can do it now that you have your eyes open.

I really like that Oliver and Lois know each other well enough at this stage that they CAN finally be honest, no matter how bad it really has been.

This story is fast becoming one of my all time favs. So quickly and logically are the wrongs being righted.

Anonymous said...

Not only are all the wrongs being righted, but they're being done so in a way that is completely believable and true to character.

If only you could give pointers to the SV writing staff...

I can't wait for the next update!


Elizabeth said...

OMG just reading of how he's ignored her, just breaks my heart. Seriously teared up. More please.

DeeDee said...

Well, at least Clark's making an effort. Chloe's definitely not making it easy for him, though.

And Lois is winning my heart, bless her. Thumbs up to Oliver for telling her the truth about his involvement in Lex's death before things got too hot and heavy.

Looking forward to the next update!

Rhonda said...

I've been lurking for awhile and not commenting (shame on me). Really enjoying this story. If only the writers would hire you to write the rest of the season.

Elly said...

Than you so much, Rhonda. I really, really appreciate your coming out of lurkdom to comment. Comments make me happy! I'm glad you're enjoying this one; I hope to have an update up later today.

Thanks to everyone for the kind comments!