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Ebony, Chapter 5

Season 4, "Onyx"
Rating: Adult. If you're under eighteen, please go elsewhere now.
Disclaimer: These characters belong to the CW and DC Comics, not to me.
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As his mouth caressed Clark's hot flesh, Lex heard the other man's deep sigh of pleasure, and an emotion he'd never felt before swirled inside him.

Lust, his analytical, cynical mind informed him. Of course it was merely lust. A perfectly normal reaction for him to have to such a beautiful young man.

No, he thought, pushing the cynicism away, burying it inside himself the way he'd buried his dark side. What he felt was more than just lust, far more. It was something much deeper and more profound.

It was love. He loved Clark Kent.

He remembered Clark's words, so confident, so full of faith: I figure it doesn't matter what's deep inside us, Lex. What matters is which side of us we let out into the daylight.

Lex had been told so many times by his father that he was bad and evil and wrong, that he was destined for a bad end. He'd been observed with barely concealed distaste by everyone else, first by Metropolis, and then by Smallville. He'd been watched and reported on and gossiped about as they waited for him to self-combust, to turn to the dark side like Darth Vader, to transform into the evil Luthor they expected him to become.

Deep down, he'd expected that himself. Or at least he'd feared it, very, very much.

But Clark's words had granted him a rare and glorious gift-- belief. Someone in this world believed in him.

True, Clark had thought the worst of him for a time. But now, at last, Clark recognized that Lex had no intentions of turning to evil, that to the contrary, he was doing his utmost to be a good man who wanted to improve the world. Even confronted with evidence to the contrary-- Lex's dark side, manifested as a physical being-- Clark had come out of the experience believing in him.

I caught a glimpse of your dark side, and I... well, I guess let it blind me to the fact that most of what you do, most of what you are, is good. I'm sorry, Lex.

Clark had apologized to him. Clark had admitted he'd been wrong. That too was a rare gift, one that Lex Luthor had rarely been given.

He gave up on the introspection for now, and focused on the gift that he was giving Clark. He brushed more kisses across the hot flesh, then opened his mouth and took Clark inside.

Clark gasped beneath him, every muscle in his body straining, as Lex's mouth moved on him a little harder, a little faster, drawing him in deeper and deeper.

He could sense Clark trying to hold back, but before long the younger man's hips were rising to meet his mouth in fierce, eager thrusts. He felt Clark's skin growing damp with sweat beneath his hands, saw the big hands clenched into fists, heard the low, desperate sounds Clark was making.

Before Clark could lose it entirely, Lex lifted his head. The other man didn't open his eyes, only lay there panting, as if struggling to regain control. Lex let his gaze roam over him, drinking in the sight of him again.

The young man had impossibly broad shoulders that looked like they could, like Atlas, carry the world, and a heavily muscled chest that tapered to narrow hips. His abdomen was a thing of beauty, a slab of muscular power that most men would have had to spend hours at the gym to achieve. There was strength in every line of his body, a perfection and a beauty, that was almost inhuman. Lex couldn't imagine that anyone on the planet was more beautiful.

He wet his lips, because they'd gotten so dry he couldn't speak, and forced out the words he wanted to say. "Clark," he whispered. "You're beautiful."

To his amusement, Clark's cheeks flushed, and his eyelashes fluttered open. "I know I'm just a regular guy," he mumbled, shooting a hesitant look at Lex. "But you, Lex.... you look so..." He reached out and ran a tentative finger along Lex's bare abdomen, just below the navel. Lex shuddered. "You're so sexy," he whispered. "So perfect."

Lex closed his eyes and let Clark's touch transport him. His hips moved in automatic response to the fingers trailing over him, so tantalizingly near to his heavily engorged erection. He heard Clark's quick intake of breath as he noted Lex's response, and then the big, gentle fingers trailed lower, stroking over the head of Lex's cock.

His cock jerked in helpless response, and Lex heard another sharp intake of breath, almost a gasp. He slitted his eyes open just enough to see Clark's reaction. Clark was staring at him, his eyes blazing with an emerald fire, his chest heaving, his skin shining with sweat.

"I want..." he whispered, very softly. "I want to..."

Lex closed his eyes again.

"Go ahead, Clark."

A moment's pause. And then Clark's big hands pressed against his shoulders, pushing him onto his back again. Seconds later he felt Clark's lips on his cock, offering what Lex had given him.

His mouth brushed over Lex very gently, with a sweet hesitance and shyness that touched Lex's heart. It was so clear that Clark had never done anything like this before, but that he very much wanted to learn.

Lex didn't try to hold back his moans. He lifted his hands, letting them dig into Clark's dark, disheveled hair, and tugged, offering wordless encouragement.

Clark kissed him again, with a little more confidence, exploring the sensitive head and the long shaft, and even the taut balls. Lex felt himself quivering, rather to his surprise. He couldn't think of the last time he'd been this excited. Sex had long ago become a jaded game to him, something he did because his body had certain urges, but not something he particularly enjoyed. Sex had somehow become a release to him, rather than a real pleasure.

But this... this wasn't just pleasure. This was ecstasy.

And they'd barely gotten started.

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Anonymous said...

Yay! I'm so happy to see this updated. Clark and Lex make such a great couple, and I can't help but feel that a nightly bout of sex will keep Lex on the side of the angels. Therefore, its practically Clark's DUTY to make Lex happy.

Tracey L said...

I agree with the other commenter! I love good, honest CLex and this was such a great treat. Ebony is a hot and exciting story, thanks for updating it.

sexyclex said...

I think you pretty much sumed it up Elly...this fanfic is pure ectasy! Can't wait to read what happens next!!!

Carol said...

This is totally wonderful!! I am so glad you've taken it up again. It's like I become memorized when I read this. I'm totally drawn into their world and I can visually see the action taking place.

You capture the characterizations and essence of both men so naturally and their exploring of each other for the first time is so hot and passionate this is just wonderful to read!!

ender said...

this is again so captivating, gods you have clark and lex soooooooooooo visually enticing described!

DeeDee said...

Love the way Lex is patiently guiding Clark and introducing him to the delights of the flesh. ;-)

Great update, Elly!