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Ebony, Chapter 6

Season 4, "Onyx"
Rating: Adult. If you're under eighteen, please go elsewhere now.
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When Clark's lips parted, Lex thought be'd died and gone to heaven.

He couldn't guess at how many times he'd fantasized about this. Clark had a full, beautifully sculpted mouth, and Lex had always found it impossible to look at that mouth and not imagine it on him in exactly this way.

So this was like a fantasy come to life. And it was astounding.

Clark was hesitant at first, with that shy uncertainty that Lex found so endearing. He took the head of Lex's cock between his lips and, well, played with it a bit, rolling it between his lips, caressing it with his tongue. Lex guessed he wasn't quite sure what to do, or else was simply exploring a novel situation.

And somehow Clark's hesitant explorations felt better, and more intense, than the most experienced blow job Lex had ever gotten.

He leaned his head back on the table and groaned, letting Clark know that it felt good. Clark seemed to gain a little confidence from that, because his head lowered as he took more of Lex in. Lex couldn't help digging his fingers into the thick dark mass of Clark's hair, harder than before, so hard it probably hurt. But Clark didn't complain.

In a few moments they'd settled into a rhythm, as if they'd done this together many times before. Clark's mouth moved up and down his shaft with a steady confidence, and Lex's hips rose, pushing his cock deeper and deeper into Clark's mouth. He was mildly concerned that he might be asking too much, that the young man might gag or choke, but Clark didn't seem to mind.

Dark spots began to dance in front of Lex's vision, and he was unsure as to whether he was going to come, or simply pass out from the pleasure. Earlier today, he could never have imagined that he would have been lying on this table, letting Clark Kent make love to him.

Since this morning, his world had changed.

He was grateful for that.

Clark let him go just before he came, lifting his dark head and looking up at Lex. His eyes were glazed with pleasure. Lex looked down the other man's body and saw his cock pulsing visibly, alive with need.

"I want..." he whispered again. "Lex, I want..."

Lex sighed, cursing himself. "I don't have any lube, Clark. It never occurred to me that... well. I don't suppose you...?"

Clark's cheeks flushed red at the mere idea of having lube on his person. Lex was amused at his embarrassment, but kept his smile to himself. His poor farmboy, so torn between his conservative upbringing and his natural inclinations.

"It's all right," he said gently. "Come here."

Clark blinked at him, uncomprehending, but Lex reached up and caught the huge hands in his own, drawing Clark's body down on his. Clark settled onto the table above him, sighing a little as their bodies aligned and their abdomens pressed together.

Lex felt Clark's cock against his, throbbing with need, pulsating with life, and his eyes drifted shut again. This was what he needed, what he had wanted for so very long... Clark's body, warm and strong and so impossibly beautiful, against his.

Clark lowered his head and kissed him. At first his kisses were shy and tentative, as if the intimacy of their naked bodies had scared him a little. But Lex wrapped his arms around his neck and returned his kisses, and Clark's lips parted, his tongue sliding into Lex's mouth.

Their tongues brushed together, and Clark's body moved as if impelled by instinct, his hips flexing, so that his cock moved against Lex's.

They were both wet with precome and sweat, and it felt incredible. Lex heard himself groaning into Clark's mouth, heard Clark's smothered groans as well. He wrapped his legs around Clark's thighs, trying to get purchase, and let his hips move too.

And then they were thrusting against each other, sobbing, moaning, kissing wildly. Lex's hands roved all over Clark, exploring his beautifully muscled back and his tight ass and his thick dark hair. The big hands moved over him, too, with a cautious gentleness that seemed almost too careful for a farmer's hands. Lex found himself moaning under the careful caresses.

Clark was kissing him harder now, his tongue deep inside Lex's mouth, insistent, hot kisses that were sensual and sweet all at once. His hips moved faster and harder, driving his cock eagerly against Lex, and then suddenly he wasn't kissing Lex any more.

Lex opened his eyes to see Clark's head thrown back, his eyes clenched shut. The young man looked like a pagan god, he thought, a beautiful, golden deity. In this moment he was so intensely masculine, so purely sexual, that Lex couldn't look away.

Clark's mouth fell open and he called out Lex's name, in a hoarse voice that wasn't at all like his customary gentle tenor. Lex cried out his name, too, so focused on Clark that he was hardly aware of the sound of his own voice.

He felt Clark's cock jerking hard, felt his own balls tightening beyond bearing, and then suddenly they were coming as one, gushes of come slicking their abdomens and chests in long, intense spurts. Clark's face drew into a mask of ecstasy, and every muscle in his body seemed to go taut, bulging beneath the golden skin.

Despite his own ecstasy, Lex couldn't stop watching. It was as if his whole world had come down to this moment. He saw Clark's muscles rippling beneath his skin, his mouth opening as he cried out, his dark hair damp and plastered to his forehead. And as he came, his eyes opened, an expression of wonder and joy in them that Lex knew was reflected in his own.

Slowly, Clark's big body relaxed, and dropped forward, onto Lex. His face nuzzled into Lex's neck, in a gesture of warmth and affection that made Lex's heart melt in his chest.

"Is it always like that?" he mumbled against Lex's throat.

"No." Lex lifted a hand to stroke the tousled dark hair. "Only when you're with the right person."

Clark lifted his head and looked into Lex's eyes. "Oh," he said. His cheeks flushed faintly, but he went on doggedly. "Then once you find the right person, I guess you need to stick with them."

"Yes," Lex said quietly. "I agree."

Clark looked at him, then suddenly broke into that wide, beaming grin that Lex had fallen in love with years before. It was a smile that cast light into Lex's life, filling the dark corners of his life with sunshine. It was a smile that drove away the ebony shadows, and made Lex's life vibrant with hope and expectation.

"I intend to stick around," he said. Beneath the cheerful smile, Lex saw seriousness in the green eyes. "I'm not going anywhere, Lex. Never again."

Lex's arms still rested loosely around Clark's shoulders. He let them tighten.

"I'm glad," he answered. "I feel the same way."

In a flash of memory, Clark's words came back to him: It's all right. It's over now.

But it wasn't over. It was just beginning.

Thank God.

He saw the same gratitude he himself felt, reflected in Clark's face. In those gold-and-emerald eyes he saw a welter of emotions-- the faith and confidence that had been missing for too long, delight at a new and joyful experience, and the joy of rebuilding their friendship into something stronger and better.

Lex knew that he'd contributed to the problems between them, that Clark had been justifiably ticked off when he'd found the room in Lex's mansion filled with information on him. And more than anything else, it was the hope that he could win his way back into Clark's heart that had kept him trying to do good.

In his mind, he heard the echoes of his own voice: I drive you. I give your life meaning... I’m your soul. And suddenly he realized the truth. What drove him to be a better person, what drove him to try to help humanity, wasn't the dark side of him at all. It was his love for Clark, a love that had never wavered since the day he'd found himself sputtering on a river bank with a dark-haired boy leaning over him.

Even when Clark had lost faith in him for a while, it was his unwavering love for Clark that had kept him trying to help people, that had kept him turned away from the ebony shadows, and striving for the light.

It was his love for Clark that gave his life meaning.

Clark Kent was his soul.

-The End-


Tracey L said...

Aww, such a sweet and romantic conclusion! I really, REALLY wish this was how the show went, Clark and Lex have such a dynamic relationship. My favorite part, besides the gratuitous hot sex (lol), was the end where Lex realizes all the things about Clark that make his life worthwhile.


Anonymous said...

That was utterly wonderful. Smoking hot sex AND a wonderful touch for what makes the Clex dynamic work for me - that Lex IS dangerous, but far from irredeemable. He just needs someone to have a little faith.

Anonymous said...

This was completely beautiful and so true!!! I LOVE that Lex finally realized that his love for Clark was what changed him and saved him from his dark side in the first place. I wish this had happened between them!, it would've been perfect. Thanks for writing this beautiful ending Elly.

ender said...

beautiful and hot and perfect clex ending!

DeeDee said...

What a sweet, romantic ending to such a hot story. I'm so glad the Clex appeal lives on in fanfic, and this story is certainly a must for all Clexers.

Thanks for sharing, Elly! :-)

Anonymous said...

Just like men to have intense sex on a table in a ruined lab! But the description of Clark coming was amazing, it brought to mind the end of the fight with Jonathan at the beginning of S3 when Tom is shirtless and flexing all his muscles with his head thrown back. Beautiful description, the perfect ending for Onyx.