Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Triangulation, Chapter 2

Clark- Kal/Chloe
Season 9
Rating: Adult. If you're under eighteen, please go elsewhere now.
Warning: Some slashy and threesome aspects and general weirdness.
Disclaimer: These characters belong to the CW and DC Comics, not to me.
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See, this is what you have to understand about the Boy Scout. Deep down, he's...

Well, he's me.

And that pretty much says it all, doesn't it?


Kal's right. Clark doesn't like to admit it, but Kal's right. Having boobs is awesome. It's totally not fair that Chloe's been keeping these to herself.

Well, okay, she's shared them with him pretty generously. Just not quite this way.

Kal's thumb is relentless, stroking over the hard, crinkled flesh. Clark can feel it from the inside, can feel how hard the nipple is, how much it aches.

Something else aches, too, something lower and deeper.

He leans into the caressing hand a little. At least he thinks it's his movement, although Chloe certainly doesn't seem to be fighting it either. God, the way they ache... it's like this body hasn't had release in weeks.

Just when was the last time they had sex, anyway?

He tries to think about that, despite the fuzziness caused by lust. He's pretty sure it's been a while. It isn't that he's tired of Chloe or anything like that. He's still crazy about her. It's just that she's been working extra hours at the Planet, and he's been busy with patrols, and...

Well, it's been two weeks at least. No wonder her body aches.

The light stroke on their nipple is wonderful, but he kind of needs pressure lower down, too. Chloe must have had the same thought, because her hand movsd, right down to between their thighs. Even through jeans it's awesome, and words he had absolutely no intention of uttering suddenly fly out of his mouth.


Kal flashes that annoying cocky grin. "Told ya being a girl was great."

God, he hates Kal. So smug. So much of a know-it-all. He hates Kal, and he's mad as hell that Kal's gotten loose again, and kicked him out of his own freaking body.

And yet...

Well, he hopes Kal doesn't stop this any time soon.


Chloe's hand moves harder and faster. It's been a while since she and Clark have made love. Too long, really. She can't quite remember the last time they did it, which is kind of a problem, if she's going to be honest about it.

For a couple of months the two of them just couldn't get enough of each other. They made love everywhere-- in the car, in the storage closet at work, in alleys at night, in fields at sunset. Sometimes they even used a bed. And then...

Well, it wasn't that they'd gotten bored with sex, or with each other. It was just that real life intruded, as real life has a way of doing, into their new relationship, and that lately they've simply gotten so busy...

She understands. Really, she does. But her body doesn't accept excuses or logical explanations. She's young and healthy and energetic, and she needs sex far more frequently than she's been getting it. The powerful ache low in her body is proof of that.

Kal's bending now, licking their nipple, then drawing it into his mouth and sucking on it. Her hand moves harder, driving herself toward the waiting climax. Her inner muscles pulse and throb, and her breath comes in hard, fast gasps.

But then her mouth opens, and words fall out that are not her own.

"Chloe. Oh God Chloe oh God you have to stop right now."

She wants to growl at Clark for trying to deprive her of the orgasm she so desperately needs. But then she remembers her own first experience in his body, how he'd tried to rush along to a conclusion, and how she'd forced him to wait, because it had been a new experience for her, an experience she wanted to savor.

This is Clark's first orgasm in a female body, and he deserves better than a quick hand job through jeans.

She sighs, and moves her hand away.

"Kal," she says. "Clark wants you to go down on us."


"What?" Clark sputters in indignation. "I did not say that. I so did not say that. I mean... no. I just am not ready for... Excuse me. Hey. Exactly what are you doing?"

Kal is grinning down at them, his green eyes alight with mischief. He knows exactly how uncomfortable Clark is with this whole situation, and he's clearly getting a hell of a lot of amusement out of Clark's sputtering. The bastard.

"I'm taking off your clothes, honey," he says, emphasizing the endearment, as if to remind Clark that he's a girl right now. Clark is alarmed to see that the t-shirt Chloe was wearing has already been stripped off their body and tossed aside. Kal is a fast worker. "Hard to go down on you with them in the way."

"But... No. Wait. Chloe's a little mixed up, Kal. I don't want... we can't possibly..."

"Boy Scout." Kal tosses the jeans aside, then straightens to his full height-- and God, the guy is tall, does he himself really look that big to Chloe?-- and looks down at them. "Quit pretending you don't want this, and shut the fuck up. You talk too much. You've always talked too much."

"But..." Kal is so huge it's almost... intimidating. He looms over them like a big wall of muscle and bone. Clark isn't used to being short, or relatively weak, and he feels really fragile all of a sudden. He doesn't much like the feeling.

"Clark," Chloe says, taking over their mouth. "Kal's right. Just be quiet and let this happen, okay?"

He doesn't want to let it happen. He is a guy. Kal is a guy. And he is not interested in exploring what a female orgasm feels like, no matter how intense the need aching in their lower body, no matter how powerful the tension gripping their muscles. He is not interested. He's not.

Kal lifts them in his arms like they weigh nothing at all and sweeps them away, in a blur that their merely human eyes can't follow. It feels weird to be picked up and lugged around like a sack of potatoes. He always thought it was romantic when he did it to Chloe, but now he wonders if maybe it just makes her feel a little disoriented and queasy. That's how he feels, anyway.

He finds himself lying on his back on Chloe's bed-- their bed, really, since he's pretty much moved into her apartment, even though neither of them has really admitted it yet. Kal is looming over them-- and there's that word again. The guy is so massive that loom is the only word Clark can come up with. He feels so little compared to that big wall of masculinity, and it freaks him the hell out.

He's lying on a bed, wearing nothing but a pair of panties and a bra-- and oh God, there's a phrase he never really expected to think about himself. But anyway, here is is, practically naked, exposed and helpless, and Kal is leaning over him-- them-- with a predatory glint in his green eyes.

"So," he says, grinning that bad-boy grin. "You want me to go down on you, Clark."

No. He definitely does not want that. He doesn't want to know what it feels like to have a guy's mouth on him. No, no, no.

But despite himself, he remembers Kal's words: If you think that feels good, just wait till I get to your clit.

A tremor runs through him. Okay, he admits to himself, he's curious. There's nothing wrong with curiosity, is there? After all, he's never played on this team before. He can't help wondering how it feels for Chloe, and if sex for girls is as good as it is for guys.

Kal seems to sense that he's wavering. His palm trails down their stomach-- and that feels good, that big, warm hand caressing over their body-- and then his fingers slide between their legs, over the thin satin fabric of their panties. Clark jerks with surprise, and automatically tries to clamp their thighs together.

"Clark." His own mouth. No, Chloe's mouth. Chloe's voice, reassuring him. "It's okay. Take it easy."

He trembles, but lets their body relax. Kal's fingers slide upward just a bit, exploring. And suddenly they brush over something incredible sensitive, and a heated wash of pleasure floods through Clark.

It's like nothing he's ever felt before. The sensation is warm and sweet, and it makes all his muscles melt. There's a tension and an urgency there, but there's also this warm meltiness that just makes him want to collapse into a puddle. The sensation is centered between his thighs, but the pleasure is everywhere. From his head to his toes he's melting into warm goo.

He feels his head arch back, hears a long ahhhhhhh rise from him.

"That's it," Chloe says softly. "Let it happen, Clark."

All the fight has gone out of him. Kal's hand is moving on him, slowly and steadily, and the warm meltiness suffuses his muscles, making him helpless. He isn't so melty that he can't move his hips, however, and he presses them up against Kal's hand, begging wordlessly for more.

The ache is so strong now. There's a throbbing, but it's not quite like the way his cock feels when it throbs. It's deep inside, so deep that he worries it can't be reached to be assuaged. He needs something there, in the depths of their body. He needs... he needs...

He flushes all over, and drags his mind away from that particular line of thought. He's not ready to think about that yet. Anyway, he's busy right now, writhing beneath Kal's hand. He can hear himself gasping for breath, and he knows Chloe's right there with him.

Kal's dark head lowers, and then he's drawing their nipple into his mouth, and God, that feels so... well, he's not melty any more. There's a terrible, driving ache deep inside him, at his core, and his body is arching wildly, driving toward release. If only Kal would move his damn hand just a little faster...

Kal lifts his head and gives him a mocking smile. "Not yet, Boy Scout," he says.

Clark opens his eyes and glares at him. Not yet? Not yet? What the hell is wrong with the guy? Doesn't he realize that they're about to explode here?

Kal laughs at his indignant expression. It's not a nice laugh. It's... well, it's Kal. Cool and mocking and even a little cruel.

"Don't worry," he says softly. "You'll get to come, farmboy. I promise. But not till I go down on you."

Clark imagines the dark head moving down his body, the big hands ripping the panties away, and then that mouth lowering to his...

Ah, God. A tremor runs through them, and it's not just Chloe. As much as he'd like to pretend it's all her reaction, he knows he wants this as much as Chloe does.

He wants Kal to make him come.

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iluvaqt said...

You get into a guy's head so well and the voice. Poor Clark in total denial all the way but he forgets that Kal knows every facet of him and so does Chloe. He really just needs to let go. Too tightly controlled. I'm sweating here. Yikes.

Shron said...

Elly...you have a fascinating imagination that takes the reader to the most interesting places. Looking forward to more of this story. Thanks for sharing.

DeeDee said...

An update, an update, Yee-HAH!!! :-D

I love how Clark's so in denial about not wanting to be in a girl's body, yet he's so clearly getting off on all the attention Kal is lavishing on him/them! :-P

It's hilarious getting Clark's POV of female sexual responses, and even more hilarious that Kal's the one he's doing it with! Takes masturbation to a whole new level. *g*

"Kal," she says. "Clark wants you to go down on us."

"What?" Clark sputters in indignation. "I did not say that. I so did not say that. I mean... no. I just am not ready for... Excuse me. Hey. Exactly what are you doing?"

Bwah! That made me laugh out loud, I tell ya! :-D

"He's lying on a bed, wearing nothing but a pair of panties and a bra-- and oh God, there's a phrase he never really expected to think about himself."

...as did that! :-D

You have a way with words, dear Elly. I thoroughly enjoyed every word of this chapter. Awesome job!

*superspeeds to Ch 3*

lauraforever said...

I totally agree with iluvaqt.

You are flawless with getting into a guy's head and the voice. I totally loved this second chapter honey.