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Clark- Kal/Chloe
Season 9
Rating: Adult. If you're under eighteen, please go elsewhere now.
Warning: Some slashy and threesome aspects and general weirdness.
Disclaimer: These characters belong to the CW and DC Comics, not to me.
Sequel to Triangle.

Trisexual, Book 3

Chapter 2
Chapter 3


Bored, bored, bored.

The Boy Scout is boring the pants off me-- and that isn't nearly as fun as it sounds. He's gotten so busy lately, between journalism and superheroing, that he's hardly got time for sex any more.

And the reporter is letting him get away with it. Worse... she supports him.

"You only have so much time in the day," she says. "You have to spend it on what's important. The world comes first, Clark. I understand that. I always have."

So noble. So supportive. So self-sacrificing.

The bitch.

I wish she'd throw a hissy fit and demand that the two of them have sex together. Wherever. The dressing room at Macy's. The back seat of her car (we pretty much have to be crammed into it with a shoehorn, but it's still fun). Hell, even a bed would do.

They are still obviously very much in love, but it's been like two weeks since any of us had sex.

Two weeks. Don't these people realize that the surgeon general has determined that going without sex can be hazardous to your health?

So, as usual, it's up to Kal to save the day. (Cue the dramatic music.) Da-dum, da-dum, daaaaa-dummmm...

Yeah, okay, so I can't hum on key. You get the idea. I'm going to fix this.

I have a plan.


Clark is strangely fascinated by the silver dragon pendant, and he doesn't know why. The crimson flash of the eye, the milky white stone it has clutched in its talons, the workmanship... he just can't stop playing with it for some reason.

The red stone is kryptonite, of course, but it's so tiny that unless he touches it directly, it doesn't affect him. And that's a good thing, because although Kal's been a lot more agreeable lately, he's no more responsible than the average five-year-old.

So it's not the red K that has Clark so fascinated. Maybe it's the other stone. He's not sure what that is. Moonstone? White jade, maybe? Or maybe it's some other form of kryptonite. Regardless, it's beautiful, a shimmering, iridescent white that he can't seem to look away from.

His finger is running over it before he can stop himself. But it doesn't have any effect on him that he can tell.

"What are you so intent on?"

Chloe's voice, right behind him, makes him jolt violently. He reacts with a sudden surge of guilt, as if he'd been sitting here torturing kittens or something. He knows she wouldn't be happy to find him playing with red K, even a tiny little chip of it. So he closes the pendant in his hand and turns to her with a smile, hoping she didn't notice his first reaction.

"Hey," he says. "Just sitting here daydreaming, I guess."

She cocks her head and looks at him, bright and inquisitive as a little sparrow. "What's in your hand?"

His cheeks heat, until he thinks they might be as red as the dragon's eye. "Nothing."

"Clark." Her eyebrows draw down in a frown. "Don't lie to me. What is that?"

He sighs, and holds out his hand to her, opening it. She reaches out automatically, her fingers brushing over the pendant.

And then--

And then--


Ahhh, good. See, this is exactly where I'm supposed to be. I'm happier when I'm superstrong and superfast and all that good stuff. Makes life a lot more fun.

Not that having boobs was bad or anything. But I like having this body all to myself. Especially this. Check me out, ladies! I'm a stud!

And now I have a pretty little blonde, all to myself.

The fact that there are two people inside that little blonde is just going to make this more interesting.


"Chloe?" His voice is shockingly high, even to his own ears. He gulps and swallows, trying to steady his voice, and tries again. "Chlo?"

"Clark." His own mouth, answering him. Except... it isn't his own mouth.

Oh, no. Oh, no.

He's inside of Chloe Sullivan's body. He's sharing a body with his girlfriend.

He looks up. Way up. His own body is looking down on them with a wry, twisted grin that he recognizes.

"Kal," he says.

"Kal," Chloe agrees. "Clark, why were you playing with that pendant, anyway? Did you take stupid pills this morning or what?"

"He doesn't need stupid pills." His own voice, coming out of a mouth that is no longer his own. Kal. "Clark was born stupid."

"You'll get no argument from me," Chloe says. "But you're not fooling me, Kal. I know you manipulated him somehow."

A flashing grin, full of self-confident egotism. "Of course I did. I was bored with the status quo. Thought I'd shake things up a bit."

"Kal," Clark says, taking over the mouth he seemed to be sharing with Chloe. "I want my body."

Kal grins down at them.

"You can definitely have it, baby."


She loves Clark Kent. Really, she does. But the man has all the brains of a sea cucumber.

Why on earth did he let Kal trick him again? Sure, Kal can work on him from the inside, and he probably just sort of swayed Clark into playing with the pendant without Clark really realizing what was going on.

Still, this is the second time. Why wasn't Clark a little more alert? A little more suspicious?

She knows the answer as soon as she asks herself the question. Because Clark is basically a trusting sort of guy, who doesn't expect people to be plotting against him. And Kal has been on his best behavior lately, so it isn't really surprising Clark had let his guard down.

Clark's big hand-- no, Kal's hand-- reaches out and drops onto her shoulder. His thumb begins stroking, just beneath her collarbone, and she has to fight not to shudder.

Her mouth moves without any input from her. "Unnhhh."

Clark again. God, he isn't just dumb, he's easy, too. It isn't all that hard to talk him into bad behavior. She does it herself, all the time. A few caresses, a few light kisses, and he's hers.

She kind of likes that about him, actually.

But it means that Kal has the upper hand right now. He knows more about Clark than anyone else on the planet, more even than she does. In a weird way that humans can't quite understand, he is Clark.

It dawns on her that the pendant is still clutched in her hand. She lifts it with the intention of throwing it away, but he grabs her hand almost before she has the thought-- superspeed, she remembers; he has all of Clark's powers-- and wraps his fingers around hers.

"Naughty girl," he chides, and his other hand drifts a little lower. Chloe feels her own nipple harden, and she hears Clark made another of those little noises. Neither of them tries to move away.

"I told you," Kal says, his voice rough with lust. No surprise there-- Kal seems to live in a constant state of lust. "Boobs are great."

His hand slips down and tweaks their nipple, and Clark groans again. His voice is too high-pitched, and yet somehow she recognizes the noises he makes as sounding... Clarkish.

"Though if you think that feels good," Kal goes on, "just wait till I get to your clit."

A shudder runs through their body. Chloe isn't quite sure if it's her, or Clark, or both of them.

"Kal," she says, taking the reins, since Clark doesn't seem able to say anything more articulate than ahhhhhh. "What's your evil plan this time?"

He lifts the pendant and fastens it around her neck, locking them into this body together, unless she can manage to distract him and get away from the pendant. "Pretty much the same as last time. A whole hell of a lot of sex."

"I don't actually have a problem with that," she answers, "as long as we keep it between us."

He lifts an eyebrow, an expression that is bizarrely unClarklike. "Whaddya mean?"

"I mean," she says, staring straight into his eyes, "you aren't taking my boyfriend's body and screwing every woman in Metropolis."

"Don't be silly." He flashes that killer grin. "I doubt if even I could do more than a quarter of 'em."

"Wrong, Kal. I'm okay with this, but only if it's just us. No other women. No men, either, in case you happen to be interested in checking that angle out. Just you and me..."

"And Clarky makes three." He rolls his eyes. "Look, sweetcheeks, I figure one piece of tail is pretty much like another. I don't care if I get it from you or from the metermaid downtown, as long as I get it."

"Oh, thanks so much." She rolls her eyes right back at him. "Fine, then. We have an agreement."

"Excuse me." Clark's voice, entering the conversation. "Don't I get a say in this?"

"Not really," Kal answers. "You're just a passenger. Passengers don't get a vote. At least, you've never given me one."

"That is not true, Kal. I've been listening to you lately. You know I have."

Kal narrows his eyes. Somehow they look greener than Clark's, more vivid. Everything about Kal is larger than life somehow.

"Not sure that makes up for the years and years you ignored me," he says, sounding impatient, like he's about to superspeed off and find the aforementioned meter maid. "But fine. Let's hear it."

"Look, Kal, I'm not a girl."

"Take a long hard look at yourself, Goldilocks. You totally are a girl."

"Not really. I might be in Chloe's body, but I'm still me. And I do not want to be... uh... intimate..."

"God, Boy Scout, I thought we had you past the blushing and the stammering. What you mean is, you don't think you want to be fucked by a guy."

"Uh, yeah."

"Take it from me, Clarky baby. You're gonna love it."

He tweaks their nipple, a little more roughly, and their whole body jerks. Definitely Clark, Chloe thinks.

And when Kal cups their breast in his hand and begins stroking his thumb back and forth over the nipple, she can feel Clark give in.

She's glad.

She's ready to give in, too.

Read Chapter 2 here.


DeeDee said...

Elly, you're such a tease!

I like the dynamic of Clark and Chloe inside Chloe's body this time. And gosh, I loooove hearing Kal's musings. He's such a cynical, horny so-and-so! Poor Clark. He's in for a treat, though. ;-)

I really cannot wait for the rest. Love it! :-D

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to read more!

iluvaqt said...

I agree with Dee how could you update this but leave it there! J/K I'm just glad to be reading any Chlarky goodness even if it involves Kal. There's so little Chlark these days.

And how dare he even think of regaining on their deal just because Clark's being a little difficult. Metermaid. :P

Nicole said...

Its an interesting and fun series, I was very amused at the Clark taking stupid pills comment. Glad you didn't go an angsty route and have Kal lusting after Lois/Lana/Random Women.

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lauraforever said...

Totally AWESOME first chapter honey!