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Heated, Chapter 1

Title: Heated
Fandom: Smallville
Rating: Adult. If you''re under eighteen, please go elsewhere now.
Warnings: Sexual content, underage sexual activity
Summary: After "Heat," Clark doesn't have quite as much control over his heat vision as he thought he did.
Written for the Secret Chlark gift exchange. Based on a prompt from elenarain. Chloe helps Clark to master his heat vision with multiple sexual training sessions and some kind of road trip adventure, with an actual car, not Clark using his speed

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There was a blonde by the side of the road.

She seemed to be trying to wave him down, but Clark Kent had no intention of stopping the old red truck, even though she was undeniably hot. She was clad in really short denim shorts and a pink tank top, and the scanty clothes accentuated her great legs and a nicely curved body. The spring breeze ruffled her short gold hair in a very attractive way. Even so, he didn’t stop. He just didn't have time for girls right now, not even hot blondes.

But then he realized it was Chloe Sullivan, his best friend, and hit the brakes hard.

The truck fishtailed to a stop alongside her, and she yanked open the door and scrambled inside, looking slightly indignant. "For a minute there," she said, sounding a bit huffy, "I thought you were going to drive right past me."

He blinked at her, rather stupidly. When had Chloe become a hot blonde, anyway? The blonde part wasn't a surprise, of course, but the hot part definitely was. When he'd met her, a year and a half ago, she'd been small and dainty and, well, straight up and down.

Of course, he'd been about two feet shorter then, too. He'd grown up, and so had Chloe. Except somehow he hadn't really noticed that she’d grown up till… well, till just now.

She settled her butt—her startlingly curvaceous butt—onto the tattered vinyl seat of the old truck, buckled her seatbelt, and stretched out her legs. She was wearing ridiculously short shorts-- Mr. Sullivan had no business letting her out of the house wearing such a little scrap of denim, Clark thought with disapproval, staring at her smooth, slim legs-- and that little tank top was cut way too low in the front, and...

Well, this couldn't be Chloe. It just couldn't be. Because she was every bit as hot as Desiree had been. Maybe hotter.

And that realization freaked him the hell out.

He felt a familiar, dangerous prickling behind his eyelids, and bit back a curse. Throwing the car into gear, he took off with a squeal of tires. Chloe grabbed for the door handle and squealed as loudly as the tires had.

"Clark! What the hell are you doing?"

"Driving," he said between his teeth, very carefully not looking at her. Damn it. He'd decided to get the hell out of town in order to get away from temptation, and now temptation had climbed right into his truck.

Only temptation had no business being shaped like Chloe Sullivan. Because Chloe wasn't a girl. She was just... Chloe.

He stole another glance at her legs, and felt the heat prickling behind his eyelids.

Damn it. She was definitely a girl.

"Driving where?" She rearranged herself on the slippery vinyl seat, pulling one of those long legs up and wrapping an arm around it. Her arms were just as sexy as her legs, and that realization didn’t do anything to calm him down, either. "Your mom called. She was, like, half hysterical. She said you'd just driven off in the truck. She was really worried. So where are you going?"

He took a turn, way too fast, and whipped onto the long, straight road that led toward Metropolis. He hit the accelerator, and the speedometer needle swung up toward eighty. The old engine whined in protest.

"I'm going away for a few days," he answered.

"Look..." She reached out and put a hand gently on his forearm, which did nothing to ease the itching in his eyes. "I know it's been a weird few days, what with Desiree--"

"Allison. Her real name was Allison."

"Whatever. With the crazy meteor freak teacher somehow convincing Lex to marry her and accusing you of arson and everything. But a weird few days in Smallville is nothing new. So why are you flipping out, exactly?"

"I'm not flipping out. I'm just driving."

"You're going eighty, Clark. I've never even seen you break the speed limit before. You are totally flipping out."

"I just want to get out of town for a while, okay?"

She was quiet for a moment, looking at him. At last she said, "Is this about Lana?"

He sighed. It was, and it wasn't. After the first incident with Desiree, where he’d set the movie screen on fire, he'd then reacted to being near Lana, doing his freakish alien eye-heat thing again and setting the Talon on fire. He'd thought that meant he had feelings for her, special romantic feelings. But over the past couple of days, he'd discovered that despite his attempts to learn to control his newly developed heat vision, he tended to have the reaction around just about any attractive female. Well, besides his mom, obviously.

Anyway, rather than get himself thrown in jail for arson again-- because the sheriff wasn’t completely stupid, and he could only explain away so many suspicious fires-- he'd decided to get out of town and do some more practicing somewhere a safe distance from Smallville.

His parents, of course, hadn't agreed, and they'd had a big fight. And when he'd gotten mad, he'd lost control over his heat vision again, and fried the hell out of his mom’s sunflowers. That had been the last straw for him. He had scary inhuman powers, of which the heat vision was only the latest to manifest, and he of all people couldn’t afford to be this out of control. He just couldn’t. He could have hurt his parents, and that knowledge scared the crap out of him. So he'd run for the truck.

Ordinarily he'd have just run, period, but he was kind of afraid to use any of his powers right now. The heat vision was glitchy, which was no surprise, considering it was a brand new power, but the speed thing was acting weird too. He seemed to be getting faster, and considering that he was already pretty damn fast, that worried him. He didn't want to get going so fast he couldn't stop, or something. So the truck it was.

But of course his mom had called all his friends and asked them to keep an eye out for him, because meddling was what Mom did. And now he had a hot blonde with killer legs in his truck.

Damn it.

"You can tell my mom I'll be back in a few days," he said, beginning to slow the truck and pulling toward the side of the road.

"Hey." She narrowed her eyes at him. "You’re not getting rid of me, Clark."

"But I'm going to be heading out for a few days. I told you."

She shrugged, a movement that caused interesting secondary movements a little further down. He was so busy staring he barely avoided the ditch. "I guess I'm coming along, then."

He somehow pulled to a stop on the side of the road without dropping the truck into the ditch, and turned to glare at her. "But I didn't invite you."

She looked at him with a little smile, and shrugged again, causing more fascinating ripples.

"Tough luck, farmboy. I'm coming anyway."

More to come...

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