Thursday, December 25, 2014


Picture above by electricmonk. Used with permission of the artist.

Welcome to my archive of Smallville fanfiction. Most of my stories revolve around Chlark, but there are some slash and general stories here as well. There are a also few M*A*S*H stories (Hawkeye/BJ slash) and Doctor Who stories. Please don't read any story marked "adult" unless you're over eighteen.

You can find Smallville Christmas stories here. Doctor Who stories are here.

I love feedback! Please feel free to leave comments or email me at .Thanks for stopping by!

A list of completed stories that are for some reason not in my sidebar, have been misfiled, could only be found by tags, or may otherwise be difficult to find:

This Christmas

The Weight of the World


sweetchic said...

Hi Elly my name is Celeste, I really love your website you are one of the most talented writers I know! I am a writer myself an unfortunately no one has discovered my blog, I really would like some feedback would you have a quick look at it please, tell me what you think, I feel silly becuase so many other people write but you're the best at CHlark, my website is it would be greatly appreciated keep writing!
Love your numba 1 fan Celeste! Would you mind giving me some pointers in the comments box?? :)

Anonymous said...

elly hun, come back please i miss your writting so much! :(

sweetchic said...

Cool! New background and pics!! Curious though, your date says 25/12/2008/?? It's only the first! Happy blogging, have a great Christmas, God Bless! :)

Celeste xx

CandiceM said...

Hey Elly! I hardly ever post reviews on fanfiction. But on Do Androids Dream! I just have too. That story is absolutely awesome. You should really consider posting it on I bet the TNG fans there would absolutely love it. I am a huge fan of the Data/Tasha pairing and this story is phenomenol. Wonderfully written and the suspense is great. I love the whole idea of the different universe's. I love the name that you came up for Data. Daystrom Soong. Amazing how you thought of that. I have actually had a story stirring in my head based off of this one. But a few years back in time. Basically based on how Daystrom and Tasha hooked up, with your permission of course. I just mainly wanted to tell you that this story is too wonderful to leave unfinished. I would love to read more but only when you have the time. Just wanted to let you know I love this story and you should really push it some more because it is a great find for those Data/Tasha fans out there. I cannot stress enough how good this is. I absolutely love it. Please update when you get the chance. I saw chapter 10 was up but the link wasn't opening. I just mainly wanted to let you know that you do have a fan of this story who is patiently waiting to read more. I know the ending will be as wonderful as the beginning and middle of the story. Thank you so much for your creativity and for sharing this beautiful story.I hope you have a blessed day.

Anonymous said...

Hi Elly, this is Candice again. I posted on here a few weeks back about your fanfic "Do Androids Dream" I told you that I had a story floating around in my head based on how Daystrom and Tasha hooked up. I have just finished the 1st chapter to the story and was wondering if you would like to look it over before I post it on Please let me know I would love to get your approval before I go any further with it.

clary said...


I don't know if my eyes are deceiving me, but --

D-did you change your name to Meg?

(It's just a tiny thing, but it threw me for a loop a bit.)

Anyway, hope things are going well for you, and looking forward to updates on "The Switch" and "Red Rain"!


p said...

Hey it's not blocked anymore!!!. Yay!!!!. I would come and check this site like every week hoping one day I could read your fics again!!. Thanks soo much!!.

Mike said...

I personally love the show. Smallville is so great. I wasn't a huge fan of superman till I watched the show.

bb said...
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Im kcnewbie said...

good fanfict
read this too :)

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